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*a calm chernarussian man can be heard over the radio*


I am putting bounty on the head of woman called Laska. You will be paid in whatever you want. Guns, ammo, explosives, you name it and I bring to you.

I want her dead or alive, don't matter to me as long as there is proof.

Contact me when job is done.

Foxes still live in the forests.

From yours truly, Minister of Foreign Affairs.




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*Isaac smirks as he listens on the radio, rubbing his chest and the bruises on his chest. He presses the ptt. He speaks in chernarussian accent.*

"Ah! Ano! I've met the Kurva. Real charming lady. I'll be sure to look out for this cutie pie."

*He sets his radio down, looking back at stockpile of equipment and people, sitting around a table and chess board.*


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