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S.S.S. Radio Chatter

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The voice would be speaking in a strong russian accent, though the English being spoken was grammatically correct and prompt in nature. The voice lacked emotion, speaking monotonely, like he was reciting a passage from a textbook, but wasn't enthusiastic about it.

-bzzt- "-Coast, sector G-11, marked bionic status. Sector J-10, marked bionic status. Sector K-11, marked bionic status. Sector I-11, marked bionic status. Contingency code S.E.V. dash four, region Eastern Coast, Fortress Sea."

He'd pause for a moment, letting the words stated hang in the air for a few extra seconds, before continuing.

"Amputation permission granted for above-mention regions. Multiple markers confirmed, multiple entertainers confirmed. Spades unconfirmed but speculated. Clamping unsuccessful, shield unessecary. Fall back to sectors L-7, C-11, or G-9 depending on distance. Confirmation of existance status required, report in to message at earliest convenience. Failure to comply will result in reduction of ration quality."

Once again, the static filled the air as the man presumeably waited for the response of whomever the message was sent too. He let go of the transmitter button and awaited the crackle of a response.

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The russian voice spoke once more through the airwaves, his voice still bored, though a hint of concern at a lack of response was present in his speech.

"M-LEG confirmed, 7 markers last seen K-4 700 minutes ago. M-LEG en-route to potential regions Industrial Central, South-West, South-Central. If spotted, report on private low-range frequency and pull back, assign Bionic status until confirmed not present. Repeating order, confirmation of existance status required, report in to message at earliest convenience. Failure to comply will result in reduction of ration quality."

He was finished speaking for now, the channel fading to white noise, leaving the air open for responses, to those the man is addressing, or not.

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The whispers of a hushed man come over the radio. He's quick to transmit his message, almost like he doesn't want to be heard.

"This is 'Green' I copy last. Pulling out of sector G-11. Heading back to the capital region. I'll transmit confirmation codes upon arrival. Over and out."

There is a faint sound of white noise as the signal is cut.

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An american voice with a hint of southern twang comes through he is breathing heavily as if he has been running for a while, the transmission is spotty with white noise fading in and out 

"Command this is Doc existence status confirmed. pulling out of I-11 moving to H-9... will send confirmation of arrival. God speed brothers"

The transmission cuts out abruptly leaving only the sound of static

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A voice of a whisper at a normal tone speaks through the static. 

"Macintosh copies. Existence status confirmed. Reporting Bionic in Sector J-9 Fortress Sea. I repeat, Bionic in Sector J-9, Fortress Sea. Occurrence of entertainers is possible at said Sector. Be cautious. Currently transiting to H-9 to continue previous mission. Will report back when."

The static overtakes the hushed voice.

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Once again, the frequency flared to life, the voice of the Russian in question speaking clearly through the airways.

"Ration reward granted. Multiple spades reported to Capitol, two new Obitateli, possible new Proktor. Sector L-7 removed bionic status. Sector K-11 removed bionic status. To operatives currently parasitic, begin stage 2 of infection on appropriate targets. Relay established in Sector E-4, information transmitter established. Begin broadcast at earliest opportunity. Order priority medium."

The radio transmission was short apparently, with no further broadcasts being given afterwards..

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The channel flared up with activity once more, the same voice, a different message.

"Proktor reminder, Citizen's Day is fast approaching. Normal duties halted for celebratory military exercises and feasting. All units fall back to Capitol Region for rememberance and participation in Citizen's Day. Non-residents permitted, though it is not encouraged to bring an excess of non-loyalist individuals into the capitol. Keep that in mind while returning to home. Reproductive activity must be kept to a minimum during celebrations. Do not partner while on-duty. Penalty is reduction in rank and potential splicing. Requesting confirmation of existence at earliest possible convienence."

The voice ended its transmission, awaiting the responses from the supposed proktor.

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The voice of a calm southern man is heard he sounds as if he just woke up

"Lead this is doc existence confirmed and i copy your last. Will begin making my way back to capital region ASAP have the gates open and the beers cold... Doc out"

Static fills the frequency once again as the signal is cut

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A sad consumed voice full of devout and hate takes the frequency. The voice almost in a rage.

All Proktor's on net, attention! Disregard previous transmission! SEV-5 has been called for Capitol! I repeat SEV-5 has been called for Capitol Region. SEV-6 has been called as well. Any contact with Markers are to be met with LETHAL. Setting for SEV-5 shall be Sector C-9 Central Chernarus. Do not shield. Permission for amputate for all Markers is affirmed.

The voice pauses. Takes a deep breath that lingers. 

Be safe...please.

The voice ends and the static quickly takes over.

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The accented Russian would return from his hiatus, and flick on the radio frequency, broadcasting a new message.

"This is Vozhd Jonah, going live on comms for important announcement."

He'd pause, briefly, sighing and coughing up stuff, before continuing.

"Capitol has been attacked by hostile forces approximately 18 hours ago, damages are not worthy of contingency code SEV-7 or SEV-5. Regroup at Capitol Region, ASAP. Efforts into civil stability enforced, Amputation of Spades, Markers, and Entertainers all permitted at this time. Do not lose faith, do not lose hope. We are still strong, our numbers have not been depleted. Cauterization act on SEV-6 target regionalized and finalized. Stand by for incision."

The radio went silent as the man began to loudly cough again, something wet and nasty sounding came out of his throat as it buzzed out.


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It has been two days since the last transmission, an odd occurance to say the least, but faithfully, once more, the frequency lit up with activity.

"Mandatory Proktor recount, two missing, AWOL. High powered assault weapons missing from storage, amputation permitted. Channel frequency comprimised, contigency code SEV-2 in effect, priority status on switching to verified secure connections. To those listening in who do not know who we are, you will not know who we are. If you wish, you may ask questions, and use this channel as a public relay towards our people and our officials. To those who do know who we are, any sensitive information can be transfered directly or via secure military-radio overlay."

The radio cut out, leaving the floor now open for others to comment, or continue listening in. It seems apparent that whoever these people were, they now knew they were being watched..

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The Frequency opens once again with the voice of a calm man

"To all ex comrades this is Mike Unbridge i am requesting a meeting with Jonah or another person in command it is important and can benefit us both i have a proposition that i think will be your worth to hear"

The voice clears his throat and begins talking to somebody in the background. the feed cuts abruptly


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A long silence, a long deliberation, before the russian man, presumeably named Jonah, answered the radio, speaking in a low, rumbly tone.

"Oh, do you now? Does it include the return of the AK, Vinotrez, and PPSH you took? Or maybe the tetracyline. We have barely been able to recover from that last one, lots of sick men and women. Whatever... proposition you have. It better be good enough to forgive that. For your sake, not mine. You have my frequency, Michael. You know what to do. I'll wait, i'll listen. And i'll make my judgement."

The radio snipped off, the angry Russian fading away back into static, as the channel went silent.

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The radio buzzes into life once more with the sounds of the undead in the background followed by a few gunshots.

"Hey this is Jay! I'm sorry to hear about your sick, but don't blame us for your missing weapons and such. We never gave you any trouble when we were in your little group. We always did what we were told and followed orders. We are trying to get in contact to make up for us leaving at an inconvenient time. We like what y'all stand for, and we want to provide assistance when we can, but if you're gonna get on this channel and accuse us of stealing stuff when all we ask for is a meeting, maybe our minds will change. If you ask me, that's not very fair of you. Oh and one last thing. I'd appreciate it if would not threaten my friend. Thanks."

The radio transmission cuts off with one more gunshot followed by a slightly pissed off texen cursing whatever he just shot. 

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The Radio crackles to life with the sound of a relieved man

"It was good seeing yall again jonah i cant wait to start our "partnership" i see bright futures for both of our establishments ill keep in touch, Mikey out"

The radio returns to its original static

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After a long silence, the radio sparked again, the Russian filled with a newfound vigor and seemingly happy demeanor.

"Of course. The partnership will be of significant importance in the years to come. Further talks can be instigated via private low-frequency military communications,  for the smoothening out of details and such. You and your outpost have been given Benign status indefinitely. Be wary of the coastline. Deeper inland has had reports of multiple religious and paramilitary groups, Militarized Zone marked Bionic. Bionic status for industrial central have been removed. Reports of explosions near Eastern Coast region, emphasis put on Bionic status for region. Transmission ceased."

The transmission ended promptly, with the frequency dead, for now.

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Jonah flicked on his radio, speaking into the comms to anyone listening.

"Sensitive information breach caused by an unknown source as of late. Two attacks have been reported so far and directly correlated due to this breach of information. Please refer to document 22-H for additional information regarding breach. Source of leak labelled malignant, action equates to 3 accounts of assault, amputation optional, cycling preffered. Viscon last seen near sector E-3, now marked idiopathic. On another note,  requesting confirmation of existence status once more for all Proktor forces. Eastern Coast bionic status revoked, Fortress Sea bionic status revoked, hostile forces within area dissolved. "

"Just to re-iterate, confirmation of existence status mandatory. Faliure to do so will result in reduction of ration quality and potential splicing."

The comms cut off, leaving the floor open to responses once more.

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*A voice through the static*

"Command this is Macintosh, Confirmation of existence status is affirmed. Current location is Capital Region G-7."

*The voice fades away*

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A new day, a new message as Jonah pressed down on the PTT, the ball dropping russian accent filling the channel waves once again.

"After raid on supply warehouse, hospital, and general aid facility, two groups have been identified as perpetrators of the act. They have been given the following identifiers, PHF-1, and PHF-2. Codebook updated with this new information regarding these affiliations. PHF-1 offered tributary retribution, accepted. Currently given Asperite status, strict no-entry. PHF-2 marked malignant, terminal. Immediate amputation and administration of verdicts mandated under contingency code SEV-6. Marked as idiopathic, headquarters unknown, preventitive measures inserted. Operatives parasitic, begin stage 3 of infection."

The radio cut off promptly, with no further signs of attempted commucations evident. It seemed the man was done speaking now. Didn't even say he was signing off. 

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The same voice would come again, though it would feel distant, chattering and clambering could be heard before what seemed to be this Russian speaking through some sort of microphone. The small crowd grows silent. The man speaks.

"My people, my friends. My family. We have been gathered here today for one purpose, one cause, and that is to explain it all. The trials and tribulations, the accusations and jabs. The face of evil that creeps through our fields and forests at night, warded away by our walls, our men, and our strength. Though, they broke the wall. Someone spoke, someone broke the spell of secrecy and opened the gates of this great city-state to these monsters, these ravagers. This man is known as Yuri. He has becometh death, destroyer of worlds, opening Pandora's box despite the warnings of everyone. In his hubris and ignorance, he let upon a new terror, a new horror amongst our people. No longer can we display our hearts openly, no longer are we given the privilege of assuming the best in people. As such, seeing something is just as punishable as doing it yourself. If you see a crime,  report it. Just like how loose lips sink ships, silent men destroy democracy. It is your duty, your RIGHT, to make sure something of this magnitude does not happen again...."

"To our Proktors.  You now have a burden on your shoulders I would have never hoped you would have to carry. One I hoped would be worn on my shoulders. But this is no longer an option. You are our first and last line of defense, you are what prevents such evil from completely destroying our home,  from corrupting the minds of our men and women, and from ruining the advancements our people have made. You are our fortress, you are our saviors, our soldiers. The white you wear is a reminder of those who have been lost, and the black a reminder of what could be if our light is snuffed out. We are a city utop a hill, the world looking at us, seeing if we will survive the endless tide of chaos and fear eroding the mountaintop we live on.  Carry that with you, carry your love, your devotion. Carry it into battle, carry it into protecting your friends, your family. Carry it, even when on the verge of death, and know that you will forever be remembered, like those before you. Your name will be carved into a new history, a new world order in which the sun will shine, where our children will laugh and sing sweet hymms, roaming in a town with no walls, a city with no guards. That will be the history you fight for, that will be the legacy your name will be remembered for."


An angry and zealous crowd would begin to roar in applause and battle cries, their voices filled with a vitriol and hate only achieved by something truly terrifying happening. A new chant, could be heard.


The transmission ended, the radio falling silent. The man spoke with such vigor and passion, and the crowd with such hive minded singular thought... One could only wonder of what it all meant.

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A mildly concerned Russian returned, with what seemed to be a broadband broadcast.

"PHF-2 has attacked our capitol again. Contingency Code SEV-6 enabled for PHF-2. Reconstruction of their headquarters at earliest convenience. Protocol Code: Inject, Suture, Clamp."

"High priority status, authorized. Misinformation campaign regarding slavery discovered and traced back to source. Sutured. For remaining conspiracy, please refer them to come to see for themselves our lack of cages and slave-bearing equipment. The only way in which lies can be killed is with truth and imputiny. Glory."

Click. The transmission ended.

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An angry American voice, burst though the static.

It's bullshit! They've already seen our home and neglected to look for any cages or slave-bearing equipment! 

The voice continues with more aggression.

I say we take the fight to their sorry asses! You know they want it!

The voice then stops, contemplating what he just said, thinking of a lashing or a reduction in ration for punishment of his outburst.

However, it comes back. Much more calm and organized.

Order confirmed. Several Asperites confirmed in Capitol Region. Injection to the Central Corridor is underway following SEV-6 will be considered and acted upon.

The static would not come in for a while as he was maybe thinking of something better to say, to make up for his mistake.

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