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[Open Frequency] New Mechanic opening up shop.

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*Through dense radio static comes a friendly upbeat voice with a heavy russian accent*

"Oopa! blyat... Hello? is this working? , great..."

"Ehm Ehm..."
"Greetings fellow Survivors, Comrades, Anarchists, Bandits, Murderers and so on and so on..."
"This is Yuri Kalbasov speaking, a few of you might already know me as the local mechanic."

*coughs a couple of times before continuing*

"I am here to proudly announce that I am about to start constructing my new Technical shop!"
"Yes yes, i know you're all excited and can't wait to hear about it's location, but fear not! I will broadcast soon again, once the construction work is complete!"

*The sound of a smashing bottle interrupts his speech for a couple moments*

"Nu, poshol... Anyway..."
"If there are any nice people out there willing to help a fellow comrade with building up his dream, please respond to this transmission!"
"I'll be leaving the frequency open for all of you."

"Oh, i would've nearly forgotten... Anybody willing to help will ofcourse receive a discount for our future business!"
"Now farewell and good luck comrades!"

*The transmission turns into static*

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*Through the static a bunch of distant russian swearing can be heard.*

"Ahh.... Hello Comrades!"
"It's Yuri again, reporting in with a very sad message."

*Silently sobs, trying to be quiet.*
"My lovely truck with all of my supplies and tools was stolen by some goons while i was asleep..."
*Yells at somebody away from the radio.*

"I'll have to postpone the plans of setting up shop for now..."
"But if anyone finds a white/blue truck with the words "Chleb" on the side that has tools and wheels inside of it..."
"Please, contact me on this frequency!"

"Yuri out."

*Transmission turns to static again.*

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"Tady Viktor, Yuri, can you hear me? I believe I've found your truck. Its west of Cherno at monument with tank on it. Truck contains some wheels, tools and other stuff but is missing car radiator and spark plug. I'll wait there for you. Viktor out"

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A similiar accented voice would fill the airwaves, but judging on voice and articulation, it would be a different cossack.

"Hello Yuri. You are mechanic, yes? One who works in technical trade? I have deal for you, that you may like my friend. Lots of auto parts, even more than what you have, most likely. If truck is not found, contact me. I will find you and we can discuss you getting new truck, plus new shop while at it."

A slight chuckle could be heard before the transmission cut, static taking over once more.

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*Zikmund presses down the "PTT", and starts speaking in his chernarussian accent. You can clearly hear him talking in a mocking manner."

"Dobry den Yuri Kalbasov,

I suggest you find a compass and head toward the direction that has a letter "N" on it. There is a city called Sochi up there in your communist infected wasteland. Over there you are free to break any car you want, also while on the way to Sochi please don't touch any of the chernarus vehicles to not damage them any further with your drunk russian brain. Other then that good luck on your journey, you pyderast rusky or how ever the fuck you say it in rusky tongue."

*Laughter of multiple people can be heard on the radio before the end of the transmission*

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