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S1 RDM Novaya Petrovka


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Server and location: S1 Novaya Petrovka

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 24-10-2019 01:20

Your in game name: Benedict Falk

Names of allies involved: Anarchy

Name of suspect/s: Potius Cras

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): 10 man truck. Red car. 

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): NA.

Detailed description of the events: I got told the boys found the Potius Cras in Novaya and my character having good and history with them, I decided I would log in and talk to them to find out information we were looking for. Anyways we roleplay, We kill one of the boys we see another guy we run over and get him and bring him to the hostage tell him to put hands up and roleplay so more. We tell the hostages to get in the truck and we start driving down the road and I started to lag and next thing is I look at my screen and I see Jim dead on the driving wheel and then I get killed.


The Potius Cras are not a official group so they don't have kill rights, the hostages were tied up so there isn't anyway they could of talked on the radio other then metagaming. 

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Connection Logs:


00:39:35 | Player "Benedict Falk" is connected
- Dead -
01:23:41 | Player "Benedict Falk" has been disconnected

00:52:39 | Player "Dimitri Tarasov" is connected
- Dead -
01:24:20 | Player "Dimitri Tarasov" has been disconnected

23:54:54 | Player "Jason Nigho" is connected
02:00:22 | Player "Jason Nigho" has been disconnected

23:14:52 | Player "Luke Britt" is connected
- Dead -
01:25:59 | Player "Luke Britt" has been disconnected

Hit Logs:


01:23:00 | Player "Dimitri Tarasov" hit by Player "Jason Nigho" with SKS 59/66 from 42.4888 meters 
01:23:02 | Player "Luke Britt" hit by Player "Jason Nigho" with SKS 59/66 from 44.6356 meters 
01:23:03 | Player "Benedict Falk" hit by Player "Jason Nigho" with SKS 59/66 from 42.6494 meters 
01:23:20 | Player "Luke Britt" hit by Player "Jason Nigho" with SKS 59/66 from 48.9135 meters 

01:23:20 | Player "Jason Nigho" hit by Player "Luke Britt" with M4A1 from 48.9135 meters 

Kill Logs:


01:23:00 | Player "Dimitri Tarasov" (DEAD) killed by Player "Jason Nigho" with SKS 59/66 from 42.4888 meters 
01:23:03 | Player "Benedict Falk" (DEAD) killed by Player "Jason Nigho" with SKS 59/66 from 42.6494 meters 
01:23:20 | Player "Luke Britt" (DEAD) killed by Player "Jason Nigho" with SKS 59/66 from 48.9135 meters

Chat Logs:


01:21:03 | Chat("Luke Britt"): *watches over the hostages carefully as we drive*

Calling in the following people to post their Point of Views & any video evidence they may have:
@FalkRP | Benedict Falk | OP
@JimRP | Dimitri Tarasov |
@BandsRP | Luke Britt |
@Quackipoo | Jason Nigho |

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Arrived at Novaya, initiated on them, RP'd with them then was going to take them to someone else who was going to RP with them even more. The guy who killed us is Potius so it makes sense why he would kill us but we're having heavy doubts whether he had RP'd with them at all. They're not an official group so hence why we posted a report.

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Severson and I were chilling in Novaya for a while, we roleplayed with lots of people. Before I met up with Sev he was initiated on by Potius with no shots fired, so we called in the cavalry. we take some potius boys hostage and get them to confese to being apart of the corporation, and after roleplaying with them for a while we were taking them to another location to question them more, when Jim stops the truck and I start hearing an SKS unload into the truck. I see Jims head hit the dash and then a bullet hits me. I get out of the truck and try to fight back, but since I was harmed and didnt know who was shooting at me I was only able to get one shot off. 


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Close the report. 


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The staff team are glad you could talk this report out without reaching a final verdict and will honour your request to close the report.


Signed @Realize @Derek Steel

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