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Černarus tě chce! (109.3hz)


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Over the backdrop of static among the mountainous ranges located in the northern area of South Zagoria, a signal can be heard being played on repeat, it would only stop when one could source the location of it and prevent it from continuing, it seemed to be broadcasting from Karmanovka radio tower, the message would be originally said in English with a repeated version in Chernarussian.

"Ahoi inhabitants of South Zagoria, the time is nigh for a turning point within this storm of atrophy that is this Region. No longer shall we ourselves be prone to those that inhibit the Law of this Land with their own, demonized canon. It is time, bratři, for total war. 

This transmission is outstretched to all those that wish to join the fight against Anarchists, Pacifists, Corporates, Federalists, Communists and those that wish to make profit and feast off of the rotting carcass that was once our home. Tune your radio to 139.6 while in range of this message and direct your concerns and inquiries for recruitment over a private communication signal to a man known as Edo.

We shall not bend the knee to the ugly serpentine abominations that raise their head to attempt and take over our once beautiful land.

You shall never take the fight out of the Chernarussian people.

Semper Viva."



The recording plays an audible *zzzht* noise every time it loops from English to Chernarussian and from Chernarussian back to English, it is quite evident that it's two different people speaking.



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