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This is for Elaine

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...::: Static from the radio cuts out and a male voice is heard over soft wind :::...

"Hello, Chernarus." - Shuffling is heard, then a sigh - "I'm on my way to help a friend. I was passing an apartment complex and looked inside for supplies. I reached the roof and a woman rose from the shadow by a vent. Infected. Jumped me. I... " - a soft rustling sound is heard.

"I know we've all seen this play out so many times now.. Never quite became normal for me. I just wanted to tell you.." - the rustling of paper is heard - "..just wanted to tell you Elaine was here. That's the name on a note she had in her pocket. Poor thing must have been feeling the symptoms coming on. Came here, climbed the ladder and turned. Left the past downstairs. Then she slept I think."

A sigh.

"Well, anyway - stay safe out there, Chernarus. Stay together. And just.. remember."

...:: Static returns ::...

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