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What is I was part of a specifically powerful group and I am tasked with Killing an elected official of another group we were at war with? 

Lets say I pretend to be on (as in request to be gain entry or pretend to be interested in their ideals no impersonating) and once inside I am greeted with the leader I am tasked to kill. Say later that night when everyone is busy or sleeping I pull pull out my pistol (silenced) and shoot him in the back of the head without initiating? Is it legal as our groups are at war or is this considered KOS. If so what can I do differently?

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You must follow all of the rules at all times, regardless of RP situations.

Please read over rule 4.6 carefully for an understanding of when you can execute this person. 


Typically, you can not play a 'hitman' or 'assassinate' people easily. Unless they have been involved in prior hostile engagements with your groups, and even then you can't just cold bloodedly kill them with no roleplay.

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