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Time to say Hello

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Hey there.

I've been a member of the community for quite some time now, technically speaking.

I don't remember what made me drop the idea of playing the first time, there were many things happening in my life.

But now I have a craving for some roleplay and I looked to two communities that I associate with high quality. One of them being DayZRP.

My first roleplaying experiences were DnD with my childhood friends. Then I started roleplaying in games, as a habit, while at the same time managing a Garry's Mod community and running different RP scripts on our server, 2 of which were custom made.

I come now to you, dear Community, to share in the postapocalyptic experience.

My character is Jeremy Greene, loosely based off myself.

I've only just started playing on DayZRP and I have to give a shout out to Mintei, aka Yuri Lapin, for having been the first person I met on the server and a great sport in terms of RP.


I'm looking forward to meeting all of you.

I remain,


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Welcome to the community man.

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welcome back bloominonion GIF by Outback Steakhouse

Welcome back let's hope you have a good time here.

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Welcome to the community, glad you're enjoying your time here so far and I hope to see you around!

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Welcome back to the community glad you are having a blast

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Welcome to the community. If you have any question, do not hesitate to hit me with DM!

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