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Server time (UTC): 2021-12-08 22:44

S1 - Field near Tisy - Griefing/Avoiding RP


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Server and location: S1, Near Tisy

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): About 10 minutes ago from this post. (12:45 GMT)

Your in game name: Ronald Norton

Names of allies involved: N/A

Name of suspect/s: Unknown, logs will tell

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Blue car, the one I'm driving.

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 


Detailed description of the events: After speaking with a gentleman; I start making my way back to a small camp I am trying to build. As I am travelling back; I see a guy out on the road with a green tent in his hands and a medical bag as well as some other equipment that I had back at my tents. He sees me, darts into a bush and logs out with the tent. I return to the base; find MY tent missing (clearly the one in his hands) and everything emptied out on the floor from where it originally was.

I would like to add that I have a train to catch in the next 15 minutes or so, I would have initiated on this man immediately to investigate but would have been late for my journey so I had to simply watch him log out just down the road from my base after popcorning everything.

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Connection Logs:


10:55:57 | Player "Charlie Baker" is connected
11:46:07 | Player "Charlie Baker" has been disconnected

11:24:12 | Player "Ronald Norton" is connected
11:52:33 | Player "Ronald Norton" has been disconnected

Positions Logs:


11:32:27 | Player "Charlie Baker" (pos=<2448.8, 15062.5, 437.7>) 
11:37:27 | Player "Charlie Baker" (pos=<2605.4, 15246.9, 416.5>) 
11:42:27 | Player "Charlie Baker" (pos=<2598.1, 15251.9, 416.9>)

Calling in the following people to post their Point of Views & any video evidence they may have:
@Ronnie | Ronald Norton | OP
@Oldmanwntr | Charlie Baker |

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As @Oldmanwntr has been in game after he was called in, he will be temp banned until he provides his full and detailed POV, alongside any un-edited video evidence that he has.

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Would you please list the server notification times, it was less than 10 min to restart if memory serves. I was looking to log off and I saw the zombies agro before I saw the car. I will return the tent I took after the Anarchists admit to griefing my base camp in Bor right before the wipe. They used one member to infiltrate and the repeatedly brake in and rob lockers to horde all firearms. They also took all the nails in our inventory. This was payback.

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@Oldmanwntr we still require you to post your detailed point of view on the events that unfolded.

In addition to this, we do not have logs to show server notification times. I'd also like to point out that returning items to players as part of a report is not something that we do here and could you also explain a few things for us after writing up your POV.. Did you check the other tents to see if there was room to move items from the tent you stole into them? If so, why did you not transfer the items from the tent you stole into one of the more empty tents?

@Ronnie Could you also confirm whether there was enough room in the other tents to transfer the dropped items into?

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I am on my way home currently @Saunders and I believe I do have a short clip afterwards showing space in the tents, yes. If not I can confirm I saved it all and moved it all into said tents myself once you saw me move to the pile, which was naturally an inconvenience.

With all due respect @Oldmanwntr; your claim to the server resetting in 10 minutes is bullshit.  To my knowledge there was no notification at the time and I will confirm this on my footage when I get home. My video records the last 10 minutes where it would show if the server was due to reset. I suggest you word your POV carefully and truthfully for telling porkies will only make things worse for you.

Secondly; I have nothing to do with Anarchy so your justification for dumping my belongings and my pals' on the ground is moot, considering that it is not the appropriate way to handle a base raid even if it WAS Anarchy. I'll also request that Anarchy should not be further mentioned in this topic onward to protect their reputation. If I made a group - I wouldnt want it's name in a report it has nothing to do with. If you feel they griefed you, report it like I am with you. But dont counter-grief the first base you see bud.

@Saunders I will check my footage and upload anything I find necessary and relative to this discussion in approximately 2-3 hours, mate.

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After returning home - I have a selection of screenshots from my tent showing the items safely stored in the tents. These items are what were laying on the floor which you can clearly compare the video with.

The first spoiler is a list of the screenshots.






As you can see; there was plenty of space in the tents for these to be stored. So your excuse for dumping them is sorely void.

As for the video; here is the full 10 minutes;

As you can see - There was no announcement of a server reset.

May I ask why you are lying in your defence?

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@Oldmanwntr - Griefing + BadRP - Guilty


A team of staff have examined this report carefully and have come to the conclusion that @Oldmanwntr will be punished for the rulebreaks reported here.

Let me address our absolute disappointment in the fact that you admit to griefing this base purely because you have apparently been griefed by another group of people in the past and was aiming to let out your frustrations and "seek payback" on the first base you found. This is completely based on OOC emotions towards the events done to you and not tolerated on our servers. First and foremost, we do not appreciate you dropping a bunch of items on the ground, knowing they would despawn and only doing it because someone did it to you. It's a different story if you are only aiming to steal the tent and there is no other option to store any of the items, so they would have to remain on the ground.

In your POV you state the following:


I will return the tent I took after the Anarchists admit to griefing my base camp in Bor right before the wipe. They used one member to infiltrate and the repeatedly brake in and rob lockers to horde all firearms. They also took all the nails in our inventory. This was payback.

In character actions should always be separate from out of character. We do not appreciate the mindset of "If you apologize to me OOC I will bring you back the tent". Everything that happens in character should be dealt with in character. With this statement in your POV you are basically admitting to griefing somebodys base in order to seek revenge, even tho @Ronnie is clearly not affiliated with the group that you claim "griefed" your camp in the past.

Next time if you believe a rule was broken, please report it and let staff deal with it instead of going on a revenge spree and griefing the first base you find on the map. 

On another note, you will also be punished for BadRP as you also logged out of the server in a bush after seeing a car drive up to you. The car was clearly driving slower and you had only just finished robbing a base, so this could have, and was, the owner of the camp. You logged out blaming it on server restart when there wasn't any notifications for it. Whether or not you think you saw a notification will be left unknown to us, however the pure fact that you saw a car drive past should've stopped you from logging out at least until you knew you were clear to log out and were not avoiding a player interaction, especially so close to the base you just robbed. 

The hostile RP that could've developed from @Ronnie finding you after robbing the base could've been amazing character progression and furthered your characters story in so many ways. Yet, you chose the easy way to log out of the server in order to not deal with anyone.

We all joined this community to find player interaction and roleplay, not to avoid it and go on an OOC emotionally driven griefing spree due to frustration and log out as soon as you see someone come by. We highly suggest that you adjust your mindset and refresh yourself on our community rules so these mistakes won't repeat themselves in the future.

With the above said, the following applies:


@Oldmanwntr - Griefing + BadRP - 7 Day Ban + 10 Warning Points

Signed: @Phoenix & @Samti

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