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The Sabess Is Back In Town


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I don't know if anybody remembers me (or how many people from back when I played are still around, even), but hi, I'm Sabess. It's been a long time since I played here; we were still using DayZ Mod when I did, even! I'm sure things have changed a lot here since then, the same way that I've changed a lot in my real life and personality for the better. I played a lot of characters and dabbled in multiple factions in my time playing here, but I don't even remember half of them. It's been five whole years, after all! Time flies. Plus, I have the memory of a goldfish.

I thought I'd give the server another poke and pop my head in to try things out again, especially with the recent (ish) addition of proper modded servers into the Standalone, so we can have all our cool custom stuff back properly, I hope. Hope to see you all in-game soon!

Oh, and big thanks to staff for helping me get back into this account because I'm too dumb to remember my passwords. ❤️


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Another 2013 OG? This is going to be fun !

Welcome back !

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Welcome back to the Community hope you enjoy playing here

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  • Administrator

Welcome back to the community, hope to see you around.

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tenzin GIF

Always nice when old mod members return

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A 2013 OG member back?! Welcome back dude!

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Welcome back young padavan! Im always hipped when someone from 2012/13 gets back o7

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