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An impossible dream

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Blake wanders back to the walls of the Green Mountain Charity, thinking over recent events and discussions with the locals that pass by. He holds the sides of his full helm before taking it off with his dirty gloves, now tattered from constant fights with the undead. As he slumps against a nearby wall on the interior he stares at his helm, remembering the times before this outbreak happened. He remembers the times when his brother would come back from his trips around the world, bringing him souvenirs from every place he stayed. He thinks of the times he would go visit his Uncle and cousin, she would be about 9 now. He remembers when he would compete in Historic European Marital Arts competitions, a few times getting close to being champion.

He lowers his helm and looks up into the sky, watching as rain now begins to pour from the clouds above. As he feels the heavy droplets of water striking his pale skin he says out loud "Will we ever get to experience life how it used to be. Will we ever get to settle down and build a community without always have to worry about someone sneaking in and stealing our food, water and supplies, or having to pay powerful groups just so they don't destroy everything we've built. Why can't things just be easy?"

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