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No tetracycline in Deer isle???


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10 minutes ago, rhothar said:

I literally drove to every single clinic and hospital on deer isle and have not found a single package of tetracycline.

Has anyone been able to find some or is it bugged?

My friend is in dire need of some.

There is some, but it is hard to find. I have found some but I died in front of it from disease. You just have to be careful what you drink and take your vitamins. Clean your water with chlorine tablets, and clean empty drinking containers too with disinfectant spray or alcoholic tinctures. 

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I am unfortunately aware of the drinking procedures @Crimson_Tiger, but sadly we were about 30 seconds too late of explaining it to our new friend. now he's been sipping water and taking small bites of food to try and hang in there.

Hopefully we can find him some meds before he meets the spirit in the sky.

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