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To Odezva


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  • Titanium

Noah would take a drink of water before before picking up his radio and talking into it,

Hello fake police force. Its me again, Noah Russo. 

Noah would let go of his PTT and laugh before collecting himself again.

 Im not really scared of you guys and your "Laws" Mean nothing to me. You are nothing Odezva.

Now lets get to the main point I wanted to make here. My name is to be cleared publicly on a open frequency as well as a apology for your guys attitude towards me. Remember what I did to  you that night in Cherno when I slaughtered 5 of you with ease. If my demands are not met within 48 hours of this radio broadcast you will be put down like the dogs you are. Later Odezva. Don't take this lightly or you will face the consequences. Remember what I said in the apartments

Noah would let go of his ptt before speaking again for one last message

Viva La Roses, Russo Out

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*presses down PPT*

"Did you get kicked out of NHF so now you have to play big dog? You're all bark and no bite Mr. Russo, and the only apology you'll get is after I double tap the trigger into your skull and apologize to whatever shit God there is that we didn't put you down sooner." 

*Ashven lets the dead air hang, faintly you can hear him laughing before releasing the PTT* 

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  • Titanium

Presses down on his PTT

We will be having a visit soon gentlemen. This time I will kill more than 5."

Noah would put down his radio and looks out over the horizion where he would see a car with people driving off from the city of Novaya Petrovka.

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*Bobby picks up the radio*

"That is  fine Mr.Russo, they wish not to listen what is a couple more dead chernorussin dogs?"

"Bobby out."

*Bobby hangs up*

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  • Emerald

*Zikmund presses down the PTT button*

*A chernarussian voice fills the airwaves*

Ahoy, Noah or what the ever the fuck you are. You are just as irrelevant as the shit I took this morning. Heck my shit is more relevant that you are. Go back to your cave you troglodyte, and stop being a radio warrior and a clown. I seen bunch of you "mafia" wanna be's and you people only talk big time while in reality you are just bunch of mentally ill freaks. So please kindly keep your deep dark fantasies to yourself.

*Releases the PTT button*

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*Jim picks up his radio*

Yeah that little insult tit for tat thing yall are doing against this Noah guy isn't gonna work out in your favor from what I've heard. A lot of those angry license checkpoint fellas keep going on and on about him like he's some kind of boogeyman that can't be killed or stopped. 

Honestly, feels like it would be a lot better to simply apologize over the radio than spend a few hours burying your closest of friends, your call I guess.

Whatever happens, I'll be placing 1/10 odds against these uh... oh right here *looks down at notes* , Oldfessa guys or whatever. If anyone wants to bet on this action I'll be taking other bets over radio or at the pump by the hotel in Cherno over the next few days. 

Anyways, hope you boy scouts have some luck, let everyone else here listening on the frequency know how it turns out if you make it out alive, I've got good money on this!

*Jim would start chuckling at his own joke before setting down the radio and beginning his descent down the radio tower*

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  • Emerald

*Presses PTT*

Jesus Christ man the ego on you is fucking gigantic, I don’t even like these fucking chernarussians but hearing you speak makes me think they have the moral high ground in this one.

I think someone needs to put you and your boys in their place and knock that ego down a few notches, I’d be glad to do it if you give me a time and place.

and I’m not sure what the retard before me is on about, but this guy is certainly no bogeyman to us.

*Releases PTT*

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*Arri would laugh louldy while pressing his PTT*

Yo McLovin, the guy that was talking right before you, get this. He has my named literally carved into his back and he's talkin big. Imagine that shit mate, this guy put his hands up and watched his lads get slaughtered in front of him and now he's talking shit. It really doesn't get any better than that.

If for whatever reason you aren't a shitter like the rest of the people on this frequency come on down to the Boardwalk just North of Krutoy cap and rent an apartment, set up a shop or get a license.

If you are just here to talk shit and act big, please stop. Because chances are you've already been slimed enough.

Cheers mates have a good one.

*Arri releases his PTT and goes back to Kenneth's weed emporium*

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*Jim would take his radio off his backpack and start talking while continuing his hike*

Is that what it is? Looks like someone was playing pictionary with a potato peeler and made a heart halfway through and then decided to keep starting over. But it does kind of make out a name 

what was it, uh...., Larry? Hairy? Fairy? it was something like that. Right? I'm sorry you'll have to forgive me im bad with names and cursive scars

You can come find me in Cherno if ya like, but come alone if you can handle it, and try not to bring the whole meter maid team with ya when you come. I know yall like checking licenses and giving tickets or whatever and I really cant afford a fine right now. Also, while yall are listening on this frequency, could you remind me if I need a license for a car? I've got a bet with a friend that no one would be crazy enough to do that, but from what I hear you need a license for everything nowadays. Thanks I'd greatly appreciate it

*Jim would end the transmission with a laugh and start making his way back to Chernogorsk alone*


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