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Thanks to the volunteers!

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So I'm in the current Mr Moon wave (his videos are so awesome imo) of new entrants and am awaiting approval (I've applied a couple of times in the past few years but didn't play enough; slacker!)

I just wanted to say thanks to all the people processing applications. There's over 50 now and you're doing a great job whoever you are. I suspect it's a pretty thankless task so wanted to give you some encouragement. I reckon it's real cool how communities like this keep chugging along on the power of volunteer time. 

I hope to see you all in there at some stage, keep up the good work! ?

EDIT: Make that over 60 applications now! Good old Mr Moon. He makes realtime roleplaying look so darned easy.

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Hey, welcome to the server. Fresh bodies are always welcome here in DayZRP, more men to fill the group roster, lol. I'd honestly like to second your opinion on that, the staff team must be working their ass off right about now due to all those new applications flowing in.

Just be sure to follow the rules though, often newbies make bad mistakes that end up with them banned, sad to say but its true. Don't make the staff who approved your whitelist also approve your ban! 

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