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Server time (UTC): 2021-11-27 08:55

Back after a long time


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I used to play during the early ARMA 2 mod days. I was a part of the Raven Shield Mercenaries under the RP name Wade Wilson. We had so much good roleplay going on with the Raven's Nest for example, and later a CLF-R.S.M collaboration called Haven. After Haven was abandoned we started the Raven's Nest for a while again and i had so much fun during these times. I was also part of various groups after this before life came in the way and i stopped playing.  I disliked the standalone in its early stages due to the lack of content. After seeing the improvements made i want to give it a try now in hopes of having the kind of quality roleplay i used to have here.

I doubt many people will remember me because i wasn't the most prominent guy on the forums but maybe some will recognize me.

Anyway, just wanted to greet everyone on the server with a hello and i hope to see you somewhere in Chernarus. 

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Ay, welcome. Can't say i've been around for the Arma 2 days but I sure hope you find some old friends and left off where you guys started all those years ago... 

But, don't forget to interact with those new faces, lots of people round here. Enjoy the RP and 30 player queue! 

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welcome back to dayzrp hope you have fun here

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original gangster scrubs GIF

Always good when mod OGs return, the Ravens always treated us FMs nicely.

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Welcome back o7

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