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ban appeal


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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 


Why the verdict is not fair: Realistically, step into my shoes in the situation. there was no way at all to stop/prevent this player-character's death. he had no chem light, no glow stick etc activated when i was driving through Krasnostav, obviously the punishment i have got was justifiable, however mistakes are made, ill try and explain what happened again if its any justice.

It was late night, pitch black in the city of Krasnostav, me and the passenger that goes by the player-character name of "Rikkitikki Rezkimez" were on our way home and were driving through the already named place, we were going quite fast and we were killing zombies by hitting them with the vehicle we were in. this player who had the audacity to appeal the ban, was in the middle of the crowd of 5+ zombies and had no glow stick, flashlight, as well as being a Bambi, was really hard to seclude and identify from the infected npc's. by the time we noticed it was already too late because the player was roughly 10 meters away from us, and as we were going 80+km/h it would've been impossible for me to break and successfully avoid this player, however what doesn't help is the fact that the player never did anything to avoid his death which is why im quite frustrated and appealing this ban, if it was a different situation as in i tried to kill him, or aimed for him then it would be a different story, however this player did absolutely nothing in the slightest to avoid his death, in fact he caused it, given the circumstances.. as well as the fact that he/she never moved out the way of an on coming vehicle which had headlights on, they were running towards it even from what i can remember, he didn't move to the side or try to use voice to tell us to stop, all i heard was rikki's in game voice as we role-played the situation out. realistically if you see a car coming towards you really fast with headlights on and it's mowing down cars and you have no light/glow so that we can see you, you run away, or try to avoid the car instead of doing what this player did. and im the one banned for 5 days because of someone else? however given the situation, i can understand the punishment i was given, but i would like and appreciate if this ban and warns were taken away as i have literally not done anything wrong at all and nothing could be done on my part to avoid the players death, And its not as if it was a hit n run, we stopped and tried to revive and resuscitate the player however it was already far too late. from what i remember too the player had glow stick on him in his inventory too, which is standard when you spawn in fresh, so he never used it, as i said, HE/SHE Could've avoided their own death, and i am not at fault in the slightest. also as ive said, step into my shoes and tell me if you could've done anything different apart from "drive more safely" and "slow down", even though we were on a main road.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: see above^

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to be un-banned and unpunished for what has happened and to get back to role-playing on this server, if you look on my account i started it last week and already have 82 hours. i really enjoy playing on this server and although not a permaban, 5 days is still a long time.

What could you have done better?: there is literally nothing, no rules were broken apart from "invalid kill" even though it was the victims player-character's own fault for not preventing it. car going 80+ km/h through a main road in a town that needs atleast 20-40m to slow down and come to a direct hault, vs a player who had no lights or anything to identify him by and differentiate him from the crowd of infected he seemed to be with. could've easily moved out of the way.


thank you


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A separate team have looked over this case and all evidence and come to the following conclusion:

Based on the environmental factors (night time gameplay + amount of infected), your honesty, aswell as position logs leading up to the kill we have decided to reduce the punishment given. 

In future we suggest paying more attention to your surroundings when driving especially in towns and advise driving slower through these populated areas. 

Punishment Adjusted: 2 day ban + 5 warning points

Signed: @Voodoo @Randy

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