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A lone doctor.

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*VLF Radio Frequency Buzzes* 

*Blistering wind can be heard, the background haunted by metal creeks and night life* 

(A rustic British accent is heard) "H-hello? This is a manually broadcast message. My name is... well, that's not so important as of now. I am alone, I am armed. I seem to have strayed from any chance of maintaining any contact with survivors, I've been walking for... at least 3 days now, I think?.. Living off of scraps, finding remnants of what once was." 

*Shuffling sound as he re-adjusts his sitting position, with a slight exhale of comfort after* 

"I've been fending off the walkers, and was attacked by wolves too... vicious motherfucker's. I'm nestled on a roof, of what seems to be... -

Some sort of Refinery? I think? I was scavenging old homes and hospitals around Severograd and Troitskoe at the time of the attack. They always used to say 'Never go out at night', the one time I do, I get my arm hole punched by some fucking mongrel. If I wasn't medically trained, I wouldn't be speaking into this thing, I will still hang around the northern villages for a couple of days and -." 

*Gunshots are heard in the far distance* 

 "- See, I know some of you are out there, and I have a proposition. If anyone can find me, I can offer medical services for you or your group, plus having an extra gun on your side won't hurt, eh? Unless it's whoever's on the other side of our barrels. If anyone can hear this, respond, so I can start putting my skills to use on the weak and fragile and stop myself selfishly rotting away like those corpses you see walking about." 

*A backpack is picked up and slung over one shoulder* 

"I'll be here. Doc, out." 

*Radio falls silent*   


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Jonah quickly flicked his radio airways over each other, turning the knob slowly, looking for any life sparking through the transmitter. And sure enough, there it was, in a desperate message by a man out of luck and out of friends. He paused, for a moment, pressing the PTT button and letting the air hang for a moment, before pressing his lips close to the reciever. The man would have a heavy accent, Russian, or Chernarussian maybe. Whatever the case, he spoke deeply, and with confidence.

"Lonely and looking for company? If you looking for romantic company, we have no woman here, but we have guns and many bloody faces. I am... occupied at moment. I am sure if you want to switch your frequency, lets say... 4 knobs up? I'm sure we could use other doctor here. You have find way, but I give direction. If not. I wish safe travel for you doctor, I hope you find people to heal good."

He stopped speaking, letting off the PTT, placing the radio back into a small rack of other radios set to different frequencies, all of them silent, for now. He sat down, staring between the radios and a campfire, cooking some delicious stew. 

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*He shuffles through his backpack to reach the LRT spurting a muffled Eastern European voice, as he picks it up, he plainly listens, nods with the statements made, rubs his firm haired chin and thinks...* 

"It's nice to hear the tones of a human that doesn't want to rip my jaw off." 

*He proceeds cautiously with his word's he's forming in his head, this could be anyone, anything on the end of his transmitter. He thinks that if there ARE lives meaning to be saved, he wouldn't let them go so easily.* 

"Hopefully that blood is your own... or hopefully, you did what was necessary to ensure the survival of your own people." 

"Women are a rarity, but I can at least hold my own when around one, either way, sex difference doesn't make a medics job harder, or easier." 

"I hope we can make contact soon, please discuss with your men about the possibility of a doctor around the house... or I can demonstrate what I can bring to the table, if medical attention is sought after that desperately." 

*He takes a swig of alcohol* 

"And remember, I'm a Doctor... not a pushover. I expect to be accounted for and protected when the need arises, as I'll do the same for you." 

"Stay strong, contact me if you need any medical assistance over the LRT." 

"Doc, out."  

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*George puts down his hammer and listens to the message, he unclips his radio. He presses the PTT*

"Come down to Green Mountain, come get involved with the charity. We're in a sorry state here but we could do with another medic."

"Far too many people want to steal from a charity, good to hear there's still good people out there."

"Hope to see you soon. Out."

*He released the PTT, sighs and continues building.*

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