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Father David reaches out to Anarchisty


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  • Sapphire

Father David sits and considers a few things before picking up his hand held radio……

“ To any members of Anarchisty listening, preferably someone in authority and certainly not that idiot Lorcan fellow...... This is Father David here.  Im not sure where you are based now but im only on my hand held radio as someone stole our better ones recently.

This is a call I never wanted to make, but given the threat on the horizon and the confirmed reports of some strange things happening, I cant cope with hiding in plain sight anymore. Im coming in.

I want to get a license for my rifle. I realize I may not come out of this in good shape or even alive but to be honest, you’re not my biggest concern anymore.

Let me know where to come. It will be in around 6 or  7 hours from now. I need to do a few things first”

He puts his radio down, sighing with deep regret about having to do this

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*Donnie sighs deeply before using the PTT*

"Making a deal with sadistic people is like striking a deal with the devil himself . . May god have mercy on your soul father david"

*Donnie released the PTT*

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  • Titanium

If there was no Gabriel or Michael , Satan could slaughter all the Humankind. Every Satan need at least someone shows the light and remind where they came from together......

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  • Emerald

*Kenneth try to sleep in a dumpster as he picks up his radio*

Yo, hey Father? Can you just shut the fuck up for once? All you do is talk propaganda over the radio. Getting boring. Get that gun licence and nothing will happen. What does a priest need a gun for anyways? Where is your god dude? Stay safe and stop being melodramatic for once. Hail satan.

*Kenneth passes out in the dumpster*

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  • Diamond

Fae laughs down her radio.

"After y'all tried to frame me and shit?
Better hope its not me you bump into you pervy fucker.

But sure... come try your luck!"

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  • Sapphire

*Anders picks up his radio before talking with a mouth full of Blakes fresh fish stew.*

You've caused us quite a bit of trouble Mr David, why should we be so willing to help you out when all you have done is sought our destruction? Spreading lies and false rumours very much like the faith you follow has gotten you into quite a mess here don't you think Mr David?

A piece of advice, bring something worth our time and attention and we will discuss your licences. You know where to find us.

*Anders slurps up another scoop full of stew before chomping and turning off his radio.*

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***she presses her PTT with a calm smooth slavic voice***

Father David, nice to hear your voice on radio again. Iz sounding like you have doubt... Not worry, even after mean things you say there iz still girl out there who likes you.
I not religious person, not in least - Try it in orphanage, never work out...

***There is an animated "HA" she seems sad for a moment***
I know it feel like world Iz against you now, I not blame you... Winter iz soon to come, before you know it will be much colder place ano...
Let me be first to offer you warm blanket and cup of broth, sadly only broth as I've not anything to hunt with..

***she muses momentarily with the crackle of a fire being kindled to life at the strike of a match***
I not pity you, feel bad that it come to this but not pity. come share some warmth and company of good woman...
***she lifts a heavy pot and hooks it to the tripod with the jingle of a chain, she then turns her radio off with a sigh***

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  • Game Master

*Alan picks up his radio and turns it on, small chatter is heard in the background. He signals everyone to stop and... *

Father... I have never managed to meet you... I always wanted to meet a priest and talk with him, but alas that won't be possible in the near future. 

Another Pillar collapses as you bow your head to these people you call the "New Government".

I know about your somewhat heroic deeds, using your radio to fight them, but even after this, you still decide to bend the knee. Know that your work will be remembered, but also this act you are committing right now. 

I hope you have made peace with yourself, because I don't see you getting out of that place anytime soon. 

And even if you get out, be ready to face your... allies. 

*The radio transmission turns off, Alan takes time to think about what he needs to do next... *


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