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Issues with Radio

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Ingame I had one other player having same issue. Whenever I turn the radio on, I can hear people. Thats normal. However, when the radio is turned off or on the ground and off. I can still hear them. Any thoughts? or a fix? Seems like they can hear me to, even when a radio is turned off.

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This is unfortunately a common bug lately  and thats why people avoid using IG radios unfortunately. Sometimes helps to DMG the radio into destroyed state. Even pulling out batteries does not help.

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4 minutes ago, deadsmith said:

Thanks for the quick response. I loved the idea of talking with the radios, but all I hear are many different people. It kinda gives me a headache lol.

Bohemia, DayZ Devs, are aware of the situation. It might be fixed in their next patch. Just a friendly remind, keep a radio on you at all times if you use a 3rd party communication source, Discord or Team Speak or Ventrillo, and make sure to "double mic" (where you speak in game and in the 3rd party communication) when engaged in RP. 

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