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To Those On Their Own

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*He would sit next to a tree over looking a small town a few miles away* 

 My name is John and I just came back to this country from a small island where I wasn’t doing anything im proud of. Shit I was doing things I wasn’t proud of when I was first here when I met a few locals who taught me how to rob blah blah blah. I was a scared kid then and to be honest, I am terrified now.  I’m terrified that because I’m from another country people wanna do me harm or when I don’t follow a groups laws. This isn’t me asking for help or to complain about someone or a group. I’m on my own and I have learned to just follow people’s rules and to keep my mouth shut. I came back a few days ago and the first people I met were in need or just told me what’s been going on. From what I’m hearing over the radio. I feel like I can’t trust anyone not even the people I help. If anyone is listening to this stupid rant! Just to let you know I just wanna go home back to the states with my deceased brother. But I can’t his body is long gone and there’s not a boat that can take me that far. So before I end this pathetic excuse of a broadcast. To let anyone listening know. I can still help people with some medical help or how to grow hunt and even fish for food. But as I said before I’m not asking for help or anyone to talk to or complain. Just if anyone finds me to understand I just wanna leave. 

*The sound of the radio ptt button is goes silent with in and out static*

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*Alan's radio bursts with life... He gets up from the carpet in front of the fire and picks up the radio, listening, waiting for the person to finish his somewhat lengthy monologue*

Listen man... I feel sorry for you and your brother, may he rest in piece... But I would suggest to be careful what you're planning on doing and who you make friends with. Offering help is nice, but this place... Helping is seen like a bad thing and people always want to crush that "help". 

My advice is that you be careful who you help... That person might be an enemy of another group or faction... Which will get you in big trouble. 

Stay safe and don't get into trouble. 

*Alan puts the radio back on the table and goes to take another log for the fire... *

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