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So i have been banned for the following ?


Detailed description of the events: Logged in and went to the mil base to start looting, as I logged in I told my team where I was going and that I would be looting the area of the mil camp (we had all logged prior in that area). The person comes up to me and we start to RP, He asks if I wish to trade my winnie for his AWM, I say "no I have a winnie with 60 bullets why the fuck would I want your gun" he then asks me why am I so angry, I say "what did you say", he repeats the question and I start to respond with "The fact that there are foreigners in my military camp" before I finish this he empties a pistol mag into me and kills me.  

'Why there are foreginers in his camp? he was being rude and agressive i told him hands up he didn't listen so i shot him but i have no POV sorry i did not see the sit on here or would of is there any chance of a admin to have conversation on admin

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Hey again,

As explained in the report, your original question thread, and your appeal, you were temporarily banned for failing to provide your POV in this report:

The only way to have this temporary ban lifted is to file an appeal that includes the information requested of you in the report.  That information is your full and detailed point of view of what happened in the reported situation.  If you would join Helpdesk on Discord, we'd be more than happy to explain this to you over voice.

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You need to post this in your appeal. This is not the place to plead your case.


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