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An appeal to the masses


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***There is static and the voice of a soft spoken Slavic woman*** 

We have been made aware that a group iz going around impersonating us, attacking Anarchy as they scream "The Runners". The Runners will not be fighting Anarchy nor anyone who does not wish hostilities towards us. As of right now  the Runners iz seeking to establish new trade outpost where we will establish a whole credit system as to have some sort of economy going in this god forsaken land. We will not be fighting this war. look forward to that, and godspeed to all of you. - This message has been approved by Michael Duquesne 

***You hear the wind in the trees as the transmission ends then static***

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*Alan listens to the radio while looking from the window of his temporary house. As soon as the message ends, he picks up the radio and... *

Even tho I don't condone the actions that are going against your organisation, I must say you have made yourselves some enemies. You were an important pillar of the new community, but still... You decided to throw away the towel and bow down to these criminals they call themselves the "New Government". 

I hope you find those impersonators... Or just maybe they might be your colleagues who have decided to go rogue and just destroy what was left of your moral integrity... 



*Alan stops and puts the radio back on the table. He can't continue talking... He resumes looking back through the window, looking out, making sure he is safe.*

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***she peacefully and assertively holds down the PTT***

I can't comment on Decision I was not made part of, I simply follow orders. Not one of us has raised hand against you, we do not intend to fight you or make enemies... We would happily speak with your leaders and discuss any issue with regards to affairs of island...
Have them Contact Our Leaders on private frequency to talk further. 

***You hear her in the background boiling water with the crackle of a fire, she releases the PTT***

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*As Alan was preparing the fire, the radio turns on again. He waits patiently, listening to the message... He decides to drop everything and... "


First of all... Krasimira.. Don't assume who I am and what organisation or group I might be part of... Second, you and whoever decided to not follow up with your leader's decision had a choice. Continue fighting or hide their tails like scared dogs. Following orders is okay, but if your leader says you gotta kill yourself, would you do it? 

Orders are for the mindless... You must sometimes follow your heart and decide that giving up on something you helped create is not the way... 

Also I have never done anything against you or your comrades, and nor have they done anything against me. If you want, we could take this to a private frequency or organise and meet face to face... Me and you! I truly want you and your comrades to understand that surrendering is not gonna help you for long. 

*Alan puts down the radio and continues preparing the fire. The winter cold is coming... *



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*Yuri sat there in a chair next to a table with an half empty bottle of vodka next to him and heard the radio call...* 

“Privet, for too long these Anarchist have tried to tax the people and no one was here to stop them. The Black Roses are here now we are the ones fighting the “Anarchy” and before anyone gets happy, no we aren’t on anyone’s side. We fight for ourselves and that’s it we will continue to fight them every day until they go back into hiding or stay away from the roads. The Runners have nothing to do with us nor do we want anything to do with them they are weak and submit to rule.  We shall not falter to such heathens as them. Don’t worry about trying to find us cause we will find you first and you will have your chance to test your metal against ours. Viva la Roses!”

*He threw the radio on the couch next to him and continued to drink from the bottle.*

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A russian voice filled the void of white noise, his lips opening, the heavily accented voice filling the airways. 

"It seems there are those who want to continue the fighting, whether the actual people wish to fight or not. What scattered resistance remains is desperately trying to get others involved, in my opinion.."

The man paused, taking a quick breath before continuing.

"It is quite interesting to see an organized people fight coehesively against Anarchy. Or maybe not, for I have not heard of Black Rose. Black.... Rose...."

He let go of the transmission, letting the static hang once more.

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