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New here, just a hello to the community!

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I thought I would say hello to all. I am John and I am from Ireland(talk about a basic intro).That's me in the picture attached, holding up "Baby Ghost" after we went to see the Lion King movie not long ago, let's not talk about that. Anyways(ahem!) I am very new to all this(switched from PS4, don't hang me lol). May I add, this community and how everyone has formed it into this never ending story has blown my mind. I cannot wait to meet fellow members in the servers and share stories or have a battle of wittiness in a fun environment as situations unfold and everyone tries to stay in character. I look forward to meeting you upon my ventures throughout this barren wasteland. 


(Big shout out to the mod Crim whom helped me greatly upon integrating within this community)

My Snapshot.jpg

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  • Sapphire

Welcome, enjoyed the chat today ?.  Have fun out there 

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  • Legend

Welcome to the community man, hope you enjoy it as much as everyone else here does.

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  • Diamond

aww now your dog is cute, welcome to the community I am sure you will have a blast here

Beverly Hills 90210 Hello GIF by CBS All Access

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  • Diamond

Welcome to DayZRP! You'll love it here! 

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  • Diamond

Welcome to the community. If you have any question do not hesitate to hit me with PM!

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