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A strong but struggling Radio broadcast breaks through the static


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  • Sapphire

Father David reacts to the forceful chernarussian man standing beside him who keeps prodding him with the end of his rifle and reads the paper hes presented with.

“Hello listeners, I was hoping for a day off today to tend to my tomato plants but Im at the studio with a gentleman calling himself Vania. He has asked me to read out the following. Ive no idea what any of this means and as a broadcaster I must state we as a radio station are neutral in any reporting. Also, apologies for the quality of the broadcast. Our Tower is not yet fully functional so our range is limited.

He proceeds to read out the hand written message, scribbled on the back of on the old ammo box

Ahoy Xander, how's the leg doing, hope you got the shrapnel out of it easy. I've been watching over you for the last few day's, how is that little camp of yours in Chernogorsk?

It's a pretty bold move building it in the heart of the Volki and Liska's home isn't it? You kept me like a caged animal, wanting to sell me to the highest bidder, like the black fox was the prized animal.

Well you failed, didn't you? Maybe its all the comfort you've been sticking up your fucking nose. I'll be watching over you don't you worry, good luck, you'll be hanging over Dubky by the end of the month darling

Hopefully this message reaches whoever it was intended and apologies for the coarse language used. I was also having a hard time understanding the broken english so hopefully its clear.

Faith be with you all, Father David signing out"

The Man leaves the station, leaving the radio staff unharmed and breathing a sigh of relief.

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  • Emerald

-Xander would roll his eyes at the radio message before clicking on the radio, the voice would sound Southern and uninterested with laughter from a dozen or so men in the background-

Blah, Blah... Oh and more Blah, Listen Darlin' I had no interest in you and certainly not in selling you off, I have a particular distaste in the Slave trade. Otherwise, you wouldn't have enjoyed my little apartment.

All I was interested in was Joseph that disgusting mammal keeps evading me, besides you went free on my wishes.

Cut your losses kid, you were a side-note a means to an end that failed.

And you didn't come out of it any worse.

Laska, this is also a warning to you, if he makes noises like this again I will be forced to show my hand, it's my only warning.

Also, the information has been relayed back to Kirovograd. Have a nice day. Darlin'

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