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S1 at NWAF

2019-10-21, 04:02

Murphy Mills

The only names of some of the friendlies i remember were Ryan, Nick, and Dommy i think. Didn't get any last names.

Not a clue who the suspects were

This screenshot was taken mere SECONDS before the related incident occurred

A group of rather friendly fellas had gathered at the NWAF and were casually chatting and trading some things when someone ran up screaming "EVERYONE PUT YOUR HANDS UP NOW NOW NOW" and I was shot immediately before i had a chance to even reach for my surrender hotkey so i have no idea what happened following that.


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I spoke with Norway about this incident and it's been sorted out as unintentional, so I'd like to close the report.

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The staff team has reviewed this report and decided to honor the request to close it. 

We're happy that the two of you managed to talk things out, but would like to issue a reminder to always allow adequate time for compliance when initiating on someone.  Unless your target is non-compliant, you should always allow a reasonable amount of time before making use of your attacker rights.

With that said,
/Report Closed

Signed by @Peril & @Saunders

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