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Deer Isle unexplainable death

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Charcter:  Krank Enheim

Server time (approx.): 2019-10-21, 03:00


I was at the western military base on the Deer Isle map, standing besides a tent when all over sudden i collapse and die.

I was not attacked by the NPC nor did I see nor hear any other players. I also did not hear a gunshot.

It just showed my character fall back (as if shot) and then the black screen telling me I died.


Thanks for looking into this.


I was told to post here for someone to check the log.

I don't want to claim a violation without knowing what was going on. But if needed, I will do a report as well.


Thank you again.

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If you feel a rule could have been broken you will need to create a report. If you choose to create a report you will have to fill in the report template when creating a report which can be found here. Please ensure that you read the report posting rules thread before posting a report so that you provide us all the information we will need in order to look into the report claims for you.

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