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Ryan Dudleys Jurneral 10/20/19

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Friday- October 18th, 2019 

        Today i was in the mountains far north hunting a large buck, During my hunt i discovered a large horde moving through the woods i counted around 32 infected. I continued to track the horde but they continued into the forbidden toxic zone in the far north of the cherno mountain ranges.


Saturday- October 19th, 2019

        I can feel the Winter air getting colder by the day, Winter will be approaching within the upcoming months this will mark my 8th Russian winter i will have lived to see let's pray i can hunt enough food in order to survive through the grueling cold of winter and lets pray that is years weather isn't as unforgivable as last years snow. I must stop writing now i only took a break from my walk from the north back down to the south where i was scouting for signs of any ships on the coast.


Sunday- October 20th, 2019 

         Today i proceed to twist my ankle climbing a large mountain down south along the cost i believe i may have to let it rest before i can head back up to meet my friend Jackson near the North West Airfield, i will update when i am near or safe in our new civilization i don't know why i write these journal entries must be to keep myself sane in such hard times.  - *signed* Ryan Dudley.



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