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Anyone have metal wire??


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*She presses PTT*


”Anyone our there have metal wire? I really need some! I’m willing to trade anything, guns, ammo, literally anything. I need it so bad. Radio me back if you’re interested. I’m currently in Solnichniy!”

*She releases PTT*

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  • Sapphire

Dr M Bright heard over the radio about metal wire, she picked up her radio and press PTT.

"I might have one, let me take a look....nope I think I dropped it when I was chased by those infected beings. If I find another I'll hold on to it."

She spoke and let go of the PTT.

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  • Emerald

*The old man quirks his brow in interest at the request for nails, he raises the Radio to his bristled gob, pushing the PTT*

"'Ello there. Sounds like you're in luck. I've go' me a good few boxes'o nails that I'm willing to sell. Which part'a Solnichniy are you stayin'?"


*The static resumes as Ronnie begins to make his way to the requested destination*

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