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"Can't see server" Into "Lost Connection with Host"

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I've been trying to fix this for the past three hours and nothing worked so far.

First Problem: Can't see the server. I downloaded all mods, loaded them in a right order, DayZRP.com server does not appear whether I am using filters or not. My friend who lives not far from me can easily see the server.

I fixed this issue by using a parameter connect technique through DayZ Launcher and it seems to work just fine when it comes to joining the queue.


Second Problem: Every time I reach position 1, I get disconnected from the host.

I've actually tried to do everything. I verified files, reinstalled the game, removed DayZ folder in Documents, removed DayZ data from %appdata%, re-downloaded the mods, and rearranged them in correct order. Nothing seems to work. And yes, my character is active. 


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hi please send me  a screenshot of your parameters and your mod list in the dayz launcher

usually when you get a message saying you have disconnected from the host means that the server has went down or has been restarted

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