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A new threat....


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  • Sapphire

Father David wakes after a restless night sleep after hearing some terrible and worrying news.
He reaches for the radio and PTT
"Hello listeners, Father David here from Redwood Radio. Yesterday I received some very worrying news.
A local sounding man contacted me on a private frequency to alert me to a new threat on the horizon and to ask for our help in alerting the citizens of South Zagoria.
He told me of a new evil, a Russian led 'Death Squad', dressed in heavy armour and carrying very powerful military weapons. They refer to themselves as only numbers, 1,2 etc. He knows of 5 members currently.
He told me that this group are travelling around and looking for fertile women. They had murdered some of his friends and he had been told of a boy having his throat cut and a woman being thrown from a cliff.
The man wanted me to alert citizens to be on their guard. 
This is a threat more concerning than anything we have seen so far, turf wars and licences are one thing, hunting and taking only fertile women is a lot more sinister

Be on your guard listeners, feel free to contact me with any reports you have and we will relay them to the local area"

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  • Sapphire

Dr Minx Bright heard the radio from the male she never seen or know. She however, heard about those 5 men doing to women. 

She pressed her PTT.

"I never meet those kind of people, the ones I meet are friendly. But I will keep caution in case." She spoke. 

"Just give me chainsaws and I'll be good. From what I heard from stories...men are scared when their man-hood are threatened, I mean there were stories about that."

She let go of her PTT.

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  • MVP

Blue snickers once more, hearing the old man.

”Looking for fertile woman but throws woman off cliffs. How do you even know they’re fertile? Another flaw in your story. Quit tryna snake peeps and make scary stories. I know Halloween has just passed but this is getting old now oldie.

Only way you know a woman isn’t fertile is stabbing them constantly THEN throwing ‘em off the cliff. But why would they do that if they’re wanting fertile. Nah, I’m not buying your fake news.”

The radio cuts, Blue just facepalms and shakes her head as she walks down the road to Aleksei’s home.

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  • Sapphire

He hears the voice of a lady that mocked him once before and picks up his PTT

"Dont ask me lady, im just the messenger, perhaps the young man that asked me to broadcast this can assist. Hopefully he is listening. But maybe when you are being pushed off a cliff as i hope to god you arent fertile for humanities sake,  you will think back to this day and remember that you were an idiot for being so cock sure of yourself"

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  • MVP

Blue would seem weirded out a little.

”Uhm, I’m fourteen. Ain’t no one sticking there peepee near me thanks. But thanks for wishing I’m infertile sicko. What kind of preacher are you? Wishing that on people. Some kinda holy man you are. Confirmed a fraud. Didn’t surprise me.”

Blue would shake her head, not even mildly upset. She shrugs, switching one half of her tongue over the other. Packing her radio in her bag so it muffles the sounds.

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  • Diamond

Fae pulls her radio off her belt, frowning.

"As much as I want to disagree with this creepy preacher cunt, I have to confirm the rumours.
They're taking and testing blood, for what reason, I don't know.

They tried to slit my son's throat.

Any information about these Russians is appreciated."

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* sitting up from sleeping all night to over hear the conversation and grabs his radio to chime in* 

“ Thank you Father David for the information. I will be on my guard and let others know about these Russians when I’m back on the road” 

*Takes his finger off of ptt and setting it on a table as he makes breakfast*

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