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10/20/19 RDM at 1:20 AM

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Was with multiple men, walking down the road being harassed. I knew it was clear there intentions were to make sure my friends weren't around. They kept asking questions. So I told them I was trying to ask where my friends were (who they knew because we met these men prior.) Then with a second between me saying that I am asking for them on the radio, Hector yelled "I Have had enough of this shit put your hands up" while shooting me at the same time. Players were "chewy" "Vladamir" and "Hector."

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Greetings @sgtscottdizzle

You need to update your report to follow the template found in this thread:

Failure to do so within 24 hours will result in the report being closed.

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As you have not corrected the template within the 24 hour time limit this report will now be closed.

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