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The server just stoped appearing on the browser

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Before instaling the mods there was no problem with the saerver showing when i search for it, but now it doesn't appear, don't know what to do

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Hi no matter where you live, the server will be able to be seen on the list. If you don't see it's probably because it is either down due to a crash or a restart.

Now to first solve the issue on finding the servers there are multiple ways to fix it. 

1. When you start up the DayZ launcher when you right click dayz icon and click the first option play dayz and you will get on the dayzlaucher, you can go into the parameters and under all parameters you put in the following information under the Client Section
Server Address - The IP of the server, these can be found underneath the player count on the main page (s1.dayzrp.com for Server 1 or s2.dayzrp.com for server 2)
Server Port - The port is located in the same spot as the adress however it is either 2300 or 2400 depending on if you are trying to join either Server 1 or Server 2
Server Password - The standard password we use which is dayzrp

2. In the server browser in game you must go under the community tab. When there you can put into the filter under Search by Name you can just type in dayzrp and after a few minutes the servers should show up.

If these problems are still cropping up, just head into the help desk and we'll be able to go through it with you step by step.

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