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RE: Verbals


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@Roland I've heard verbal warnings aren't a thing anymore. Is this true and if so, why?

Edit: @Roland I'm aware of the caution system, however there were also verbal warnings that could be given in the form of a caution for in-game reports whilst I was in staff. As far as I'm aware, this practice has now been discontinued. Is this true?

Edit: @Phoenix so no verbals and no cautions in reports. Why have these practices been discontinued?

Edit v3 because I can't make a new post: If this is the case Phoenix, how will this affect things like FFKoS whereby the KoS'd party is at fault for their own death, having committed NVFL?

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Verbal warnings were untraceable, people could have received multiple verbals from different staff members over time for same rule break.

We have added cautions instead which are given instead of a verbal warning, we can actually track those and know what they were given for. Cautions are only given for simple forum rule breaks like UP, etc.

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To add on to that, @APositiveElmo, we do not give cautions for report warnings.

Edit: @APositiveElmo as far as I am aware, they shouldn't have been a thing in the first place and should've only applied to minor forum rulebreaks such as UP's according to what we were recently told, but due to the amount of times in the past that verbal warnings were given for report verdicts, it was believed to be part of the normal procedures by the GMs and new GMs but wasn't clarified until recently.

@APositiveElmo, Edit #2, In every case of a report there is either a rulebreak or not. Therefore we will punish either a rulebreak, or verdict the report without a punishment if the rule was not broken in our eyes. There is no such thing as verbal warnings for reports. When needed, we will mention in the verdict addressing what the OP party may have done wrong or we will give a punishment if needed, like we always have, but those things will not result in verbal warnings.

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