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Temporary ban appeal

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Why the verdict is not fair:
To be completely honest there is not really a reason why the verdict was wrong. I was in the wrong with robbing the guy within only minutes of interaction. By also giving inexcusable rp that will be fixed.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:                                
There’s only three things that I wish were looked at before the verdict was decided is that I was away for a day after the night I was reported and I had only 9 hours of play time I know that is still not excusable and I should know the rules but I was still new. Lastly the so called “slave” was not meant to be used as a racial insult towards the guy and his mic was not working at all during the encounter.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:                                                                            
I would like to achieve the right to be apart of the dayzrp community again by fixing the mistakes I made while following the rules and giving good encounters.

What could you have done better?:                    
There are many things I could have done better to start off I should have reviewed the rules more before I started my rp experience. The experience I gave off to the players around me was poor and will be fixed.

My POV:                                                            
I was looting in Zelenogorsk when I was attacked by zombies. After I was chased for a bit I climbed onto a wall in front of the fire station, away from the zombies when I spotted a survivor that was in the building next to me. I tried to speak to him while I was surrounded but I didn’t get a response he looked at me for a second then ran of th a building within the military compound din zelenogorsk. After I killed the zombies that were around me I chased after the survivor and tried to talk to him inside the building, I called him a asshole for not helping me and just running away( from his POV he was talking but his mic was broke and I could not hear anything he said) he then ran away again so I chased after him where I met and held him up for a robbery on the railroad tracks. While I was robbing him another survivor who I’ll call s2 woke up in a sea container( logged in) in front of the railroad tracks. S2 walked out of the container and talked to me for a minute before we decided to both enslave s1 after we decided he was mute( his mic was broke). We were escorting the captive through zelenogorsk when we got attacked by zombie and the captive escaped. While the problem was happening another survivor in a building who will be called s3 called out to me and s2 to enter. We were in the building with s3 for a bit before we decided to tell him to drop his stuff but we backed down on our descision after a minute and asked if he wanted to join us, he said yes. We walked outside to see if we could find the captive so I hand my shotgun to s3 and tell him to protect me. While I pull out a megaphone to call out for s1, s3 shoots and kills me with my shotgun I gave him.






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Hello @Jesse Dean

We have reviewed your case from March and we will move forward with the original verdict posted by Phoenix. This means you will have to serve a 5 day ban from today, and you'll need to redo your whitelist application.

The reason why we are making you redo your whitelist application is because of two reasons:

  • You clearly hadn't understood the rules regarding roleplay back in March, which caused you to break the rules on our servers.
  • This all happened 7 months ago. A long time has passed, and you barely even played on our servers before this rule break.

The 5 day ban will be applied now. Please re-apply your whitelist application if you want to play on our servers again.

We suggest you take a a full re-read of our rules, as well as the verdict in the original report before sending in your new whitelist application.

Good luck!


@Jesse Dean - BadRP - 5 Day Ban + 10 Warning Points (already handed out) + Whitelist revoked

Signed @Hofer & @Fae

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