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Warning Dispute - Ban Appeal


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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 



Why the verdict is not fair: Within the exact same thread there are only picture / meme replies before this one as well, of very similar nature not to mention. I feel like the fact only my group is cautioned and or warned is unfair and may indicate a bias within the group of staff members which have made a verdict on this post.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: 



What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Retraction of the warning points and a talk with the staff which have issued them.

What could you have done better?: I could've reported the previous posts for the exact same rule, not sure if thats better but it definitely would be fair.

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Hello @obidan66,

A separate team of staff has reviewed your appeal and come to the conclusion to deny it.  Due to your post containing only a meme with no surrounding text to offer context and tie it to the discussion, we believe that your post violates rule 1.5.  In the future, if you want to make a meme about a situation, refrain from posting only the meme with no other context.  As you can see in the examples you linked, all of those posts include not only a meme, but text explaining themselves, which yours did not.  Also, if you feel as though a forum post breaks our rules, you're always free to report them for staff review.

With that said,
Appeal denied.  Warning points remain.

Signed by @Peril & @Saunders

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