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smaller gates (proper doors)

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So something that has been problematic for a very long time especially with building in particular spaces is that the size of the gates has been inconvenient if you are wanting to build in smaller spaces. 
prime example is with some of the cabins, say you want to block off just a door way you have to build a huge gate that ends up being a challenge at the least to get closed. it would make better sense to have a wider array of sizes for gates to give more user friendly options to securing structures. this would mean less work on individuals who just want to lock a house without building a huge fence around it and spending ten hours or more gathering nails and planks to block off a single door. 

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+1, would be a good thing to see in-game. Different sized gates would be a huge QOL expansion. Maybe even bigger gates for trucks and whatnot? Its always hard to squeeze in a ZIL through a normally sized gate.

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