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What You Buying?

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Mood Build up:

" A long stroll down the country side. Static buzz from the Radio. The birds gone Silent. The Air feels thick and moist. A Cold sensation creeps up the back to the neck. " -Am I being watched? -Some one there?.. 

" A few steps more.. A misplaced Twig snaps under the Leather boot heel. Silence.. Sweat dripping down the nose.. A moments pause and a long exhale.. A sudden click and strong Signal from the Radio emits a low tone.. I grip the Radio firmly and slowly holds down the sender. " -Who Is it? Over.

" It's silent for a while.. Through the crackling noises A faint chuckle Can be made out.. "

-I been watching you. " Heart stops. The voice crackels and echos. I pray im dreaming, that he's just part of my imagination. But the voice continues. 


You don't have to be afraid, I won't harm you. I'm a Pacifist afterall, Wont even hurt the infected.

I know you got Lots Of questions.. Hold them for now. I'm Offering my Services.. I'm a traveling Merchant.. There goes By the Name Merchant or Mister M. I got everything You may want.. Weapons.. attachmemts.. food.. water.. ammo.. Tools..  What I don't have.. I can get. Come find me. Im normally close by.. or at the churches.. Anyone of them.. If yoi can't find me try contact me on the Radio. Greet me with the Call Sign Dead Hands..And I be sure to have something for you.. A taste of what to come.. I really like to know.. 

What you Buying? What You Selling? Cause I got some Good Stuff Right here Stranger.. 

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