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Invalid Kill Temp Ban POV

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Sorry for the delay, work has been hectic and just saw the forum post needing my POV, so here it is:

This is in reference to this post: 


Here is my POV of the situation that happened as I saw it:

I was hanging out at a party near Guglovo that was thrown on by someone calling themselves "Putin". We were all having fun, and other than a few trolls and thieves, no major issues were come across until someone tried to steal Mr. Putins car. He got into it, with several people asking him to stop. On his way out of the area(The carnival near the town of Guglovo) he ran over and killed someone(Not sure of his name). Stealing is one thing, but murder is another. I attempted to stop the vehicle by shooting at the tires and engine, but by that point he was probably 200 yards away, and did not work. When the car stopped, we approached, and two of us secured the vehicle, while two others chased after the thief/murderer. I am not sure what happened to him at that point as it was outside of my POV. I was not in Comms with any of the other participants other than locally, so I cannot say who exactly did what. I also do not have any screenshots or video to back up my POV.


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Thank you James,

Your Temp ban has been removed. In the future please be sure to check the forums.

/Appeal Accepted

Signed: @Fae + @Hofer

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