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Attempted Invalid Kill


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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 


Why the verdict is not fair: Hello staff team. I believe that this verdict is not fair for a couple of reasons, I'll lay them out nicely for you to discuss my appeal.
If you have a look at this report -> 

Here is a quote from the verdict of that report from long term and very respectable admin DrMax - "As the firefight took place in the city of Novya, William ran into the town with his gun out, running around. As he turned a corner to go inside a building, he is spotted by Scar and killed. William, you ran directly into a firefight and were heading into buildings. Did you really expect to survive? With the wonderful video provided we can see you clearly ran in there with your gun out suggesting you were involved in the firefight."

Here is a quote from the PoV of the OP of my report - "I put on my armband as to not get hit in the crossfire and I go towards the shots as I thought it was a friend that could explain me the situation."

This was possibly overlooked but that, in previous reports, is pretty cut and dry. However, most reports are judged on a case by case basis, right? As mentioned in my response to the report, Pepper said very clearly in the video evidence provided - "Shoot the hobo." This is before they spot me. This is clear hostile intent towards a fellow group member. Now I couldn't know that obviously but what I do know is that two people running with guns out towards a gun fight has always been fair game for blasting them. What I did know during this situation is that hostiles where both in front of me, behind me and all around me. I move to flank and run into two people, running from the people I shot at to the position from which I was shooting. Literally ANYONE would have fired at them if they were in my position.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I feel like quite a few major details in PoVs and the OP's video evidence was overlooked. Try reading a little slower and watching the video more than once, then look at it from my PoV and the additional argument above before judging the appeal.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Points and ban removed

What could you have done better?: Possibly ID'd them better? Nothing in my opinion.

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Greetings Kordruga,

A separate team of staff members have reviewed your appeal and have come to the conclusion to reduce the amount of points you received from 5 to 3, as well as wiping off the rest of your ban. The reasoning for coming to this conclusion for your appeal is as follows;

@Duquesne and @Pepper you knowingly ran towards gunfire, while tensions were high in the area and hostilities were imminent. If your intentions were to not engage in hostilities then you had many other options such as:


Approaching the location of the shots to investigate with your weapons holstered.  

Not approaching the location of the shots at all and leaving the area completely as to not be involved in the coming conflict.

Raise your hands to show to all hostiles that you do not wish to take part in hostilities and are therefore surrendering.

@Kordruga In this situation you did indeed miss identify two individuals as hostiles of yours later finding out that they were not involved, but as tensions were extremely high and a firefight was imminent the staff team have decided to rule this in your favor as we believe that although you miss identified your targets they could have done a much better job to not identify themselves as hostiles.

Signed by @Saunders + @Randy

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