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Server time (UTC): 2021-11-27 09:22

S1 - KOS / Metagaming/ NVFL - NWAF


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Server and location:  S1 Chernaurus - North West Airfield

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME):  17:00 UTC 

Your in game name:  Cain Stephanov

Names of allies involved: Stella WIlliams ( @radiosalt ), Marcus Rivermill ( @noudbouwmans )

Name of suspect/s:  Unknown

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): 

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): No video evidence from our side

Detailed description of the events:  We were leaving NWAF with a stranger which we had intention to rob (But this was unknown to him) and ended up in the middle of the field right on a little ditch where we then asked him: "Hey friend, do you want some peaches". Which was our signal to start the initiation, we then all initiated on him and asked him to put his hands up. He then put one hand up and as we were going to tie him up, he started sprinting away but didn't get far as i shot him 3 times in the chest with a B52 knocking him out and then shot him in the head to kill him. After that we took his gear and the server crashed, after we logged back inside we headed towards a little bridge when we heard: "Hello guys" and then just shooting towards us, they started gunning us down until my friend Marcus and I finally died.

Now, he never spoke in-game signaling that he was being robbed and he ran almost immediately after the initiation started so my question is how could the people that started shooting at us know he was being held up and also where he was being held up. My theory is that this man was trying to lead us to his friends so we could be robbed but there was no interaction about this in-game, so there is no way they could have known ICly where we were.

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Hello @Coco

We are glad you managed to resolve the situation in between yourselves. In the future may we suggest that you hop into helpdesk and ask a GM or Admin to get you in touch with the opposing party before posting a formal report.

With that said


Signed @Hofer & @Rover

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