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Server time (UTC): 2021-11-27 12:04

Connection with host has been lost

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  • Sapphire

Make sure that you have an active character set on the website (See the toolbar at the top: under DayZ, click Characters) and the same name used in the DZSA launcher under the settings.

Sound stupid, but verify you have all the mods required and more importantly up-to-date.

Server has been crashing a lot recently, not sure if this issue is still present but judging by the Discord, it shouldn't be a thing any longer.

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  • Emerald


Here's a helpful guide that hopefully should be of help to you.



And heres the list of mods needed if you should require it.

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  • Legend
21 hours ago, Artivus said:

every time when attempting to join (I use DZSA launcher) it responds with connection with host has been lost. I have all required content and have yet been able to join.


Has this been resolved?

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  • Diamond
1 hour ago, Artivus said:

No not currently, I have made a char, changed my launcher name to it, and have checked the mods but nothing so far

Could send a screen shot of what you are seeing when you try to launch the game? 

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i had this as well but not same thing but for anyone else has thissimilar issue,, start game with no mods join a none modded server if that don't work.. reset your home modem as strange this sounds hard to  explain why but it works

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