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Anna Engstrom. Journal Entry

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I finally arrived to this new land around sunset.
I came for help but it looks like the infections that ravaged my home have spread this far east...

I made my way to a radio tower, by then the sun had gone down.

I managed to follow some power lines to a nearby town, i took my time, scavenged some food and a few tools that might be useful. The dead were everywhere.
I filled an old vodka bottle with water from a well and made my way to sleep inside an old barn. Hopefully i can find what i'm looking for tomorrow, tonight i'm just glad to have survived.

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I awoke to the sound of gunfire tonight, when i left the house I had slept in, the dead had swarmed the town. I had to fight of a few and one managed to cut me pretty badly. Thankfully I managed to improvise some rags and stem the flow.

I now know there are others left though, whether they're military or just survivors. I can't stick around this place too much longer, so i've decided to head south. Maybe the coast will find me good fortune.

I found a car in town, that would have been really helpful... But unfortunately it didn't start, i couldn't tell what was wrong with it but it seemed like it was missing a few things. Unfortunate, but maybe a vehicle would make me a target, maybe it's better this way. I'm gonna go now, the sun is rising and i don't wanna be here when it does.



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I saw a group of deer today, or elk, i've never been one who could tell the difference...

I thought they were beautiful, three doe and a massive buck!

I needed to nab at least one, so i snuck as close as i could and loaded some old deer slugs into a shotgun i found not too long ago, But of course i missed, or my shot just wasn't in the right spot, i'm not sure. They all ran off.

Hopefully i can find them again. I've got plenty of food but it never hurts to have more if i can't find some. Oh well.


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I met someone today. They seemed like they didn't have much so i gave them some water. Then i made my way through the woods and found an old hiking trail! 

It led me to a small town, when i got there i started to feel ill and threw up a bit, thank goodness i found some medicine at an old clinic.
Now i just have to drink small amounts of water to make sure i stay hydrated!

Have to keep moving forward though, Hopefully i feel better soon...



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