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Need help stuck in a crash loop


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I hope someone can help i was looting at tisy everything was fine and good intill i enter this one tent. As soon as i went in tent i instantly crashed. I tried loading in multiple times and everytime im about to load in it crashes its say x64 exe file. Nobody from my group has experienced crashes after talking with them everyone came up with i might be in a crash loop. 

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Ive seen these crashes before it could have something to do with a pc issue. Have you tried verifying the dayz files. Can you send me a screenshot of the message it gives or come into help desk

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Ok so i just got in and then when i went inside tent looked at an item i crashed again. I will try again and take screen shot if i dont get in 

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I verified my files everything ok there. I had to take pic with phone bc now my pc froze. I had no problems the whole time i was playing i was in game maybe 2 to 3 hr. Anyway this is what it says. 


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