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Upcoming new mods

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what is wrong with you guys. traders and fast travel will make the server much more appealing for all the players. i think the ones that dont like the idea are people that are part of big groups or a big gang of friends, myself i play alone, and every once in a while with a friend, the traders will bring so much more needed purpose to the game, think about it, its not just get geared and... then what? it will be about getting geared and trading in, going to the social hub and trade with people chat and be friends with. 

the fast travel is a fantastic idea. not every one of us wants to spends 2 hours running, because all of the cars are owned by other people or the anarquist same with the weapons.

THE ECONOMY of the server is screwed because of big groups like them. i cant find for the life of me a single gun. because they keep looting everything and new players or lone wolfs players like me feel left out.


@Roland try putting the mods first, then if reaaaally people dont like them, take them out.

guys i think roland knows what hes doing. thanks.

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While I remain skeptical about fast travel (not having access to this at all puts more emphasis on planning your routes or using vehicles), I actually look forward to the trade post.

We used to have player run trade post events and I feel they were received well by the community (those going there to trade). I've been with, I think, every single one of them. But eventually they stopped. No matter the reason it's time consuming and binds up to a dozen players or more (traders, quest givers, guards) for a few hours. Some eventually lose interest, some might not be able to be there for a set date or time, etc.


This could basically automate this to a large extend. We could also still run "trade events" in the future but keep them way shorter and simple or focus on rarer gear if the black market trader won't cut it for many.


Let's give it a try for that particular mod, I say!


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I have a feeling the gameplay loop will be like this for a lot of people:

- Hoard high value items. (This is already something people do naturally.)

- Sell them for a lot of money.

- Buy golden tickets.

- Fast travel in and out of Trade Zones with hoarded gear and stacks of tickets.

- Use profit to buy high value equipment to stash or to become overpowered.

Rinse and repeat.

The only solution to this would be not having such high value gear in trade zones, which would defeat their end-game purpose, as well as not allowing people to teleport straight in there and teleport out.

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I just saw this thread. 

1. Trade Zone: 

I’m skeptical. I know I can’t play now but I hope I can soon. I was on board to an extent with the trader and I’m glad you took my suggestion to not add everything to the NPC and instead it’s only common items. If you’re gonna do the trade zone maybe it would be a good idea for it to only be open certain hours and after those hours are up it’s not a safe zone anymore. 

2. DayZ Casino 

I’ve always wanted poked or card games so this is cool but I think it’s only worth it if you can play against another player. 😅

3. Gun Paint

I’m on the fence about it. Allows for more customization but kind of makes it more like COD or Altis Life.

4. Fast Travel

If you implement fast travel I hope this only works by adding four or five locations to the map. Each one being the four corners and then the middle of the map play area. 


I’m not gonna be against it but I’m skeptical. We’ll have to see how this plays out. 

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37 minutes ago, MSlingerW said:

Was the trader feature scratched or added in?

None of the plugins stated in this thread were added, and many people spoke strongly against the idea of a trader, because it would conflict with roleplay. However, many people also like the idea of a safezone or a designated area to trade in would be nice.

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10 hours ago, Worldclass said:

When will these new additions to the server be added?

If I had to guess, if any get added (considering the polls on the other thread), probably the same time Roland adds the Winter Chernarus mod on December 1st.

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What's the latest update about these mods?

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Yes add gambling to feed my addiction. ❤️ Also running around with a pink M4 would be sick

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