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Appeal NVFL-Lying

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Link to the source of punishment 


Why the verdict is not fair: NVFL-Lying

Additional statements/comments: this will broken into two parts. if you see CAPS is mainly to point out parts.

(part one lying) During the fire fight you can hear in https://plays.tv/video/5da4fba7ee7df2d03c/idk from 18m on, i only give a warning  to the people outside the walls  " if they keep fucking with that lock we will start shooting." they kept doing this and this can be seen as them forcing our hand to take actions to defend . I never meant  to make  my state meant for this to come off as a threat, and i DID NOT KNOW this could count as initiation . along with that you can hear in the video i never knew if i was initiated on.   I NEVER  INTENDED  IT TO BE  INITIATION.ONLY A WARNING. We were then told to put are hands up ( due to padlock being dead you can not hear this in the video) and THIS IS WHEN I PICKED TO START FIRING. I find this to be a unfair ruling because  i was only warning people during this whole thing and did not see this as a initiation because no one has ever done this and i have never seen this happen before.


(part two NVFL) When running  to  the shore  of the prison, anarchy was there and i had to choose to lie or they would known i was a prison island member, and they for sure would  initiation on me, and very sure they would of killed me too. to try and get out of the issue i picked a fake name and started talking to them. also stated in.

Lying In character does not give them a reason for killing. (do note i know they have execution rights from pass issue  now, but ill get to that part soon)  after a while they start putting the peace together, BUT NEVER ONCE INITIATION AND I NEVER SAW MY SELF UNDER CUSTODY OF THEM.  I DID NOT SEE  RULE 4.6 WAS IN EFFECT BECAUSE OF NO INITIATION OR GUNS BEING POINTED AT ME. I still felt i had control in the situation  somewhat and had a choice .  (helpful info  but do note it  is not complete and it shows me in a small box where i choose to walk to  )   https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=23&v=qIYwCF5jJGk  (they also state in the video at the end, that they think they will get permed or reported. THEY KNEW THEY DID SOMETHING WRONG, OR IT IS QUESTIONABLE ) DURING  THE VERY Aggressive RANT by the guy on hesco he still never   initiated on me and  his comments i saw as mainly insults. If they did not shoot me they would of kept having RP and could of asked for PK rights, but they picked to shoot first.  Also every character would act different in this case counting on if they are being held up or not. As for merko people know he has big mouth when he is not in danger, but changes when he is and would be more respectful. I  find this ruling unfair because i never once were initiated on and it was RP during the whole thing and i never saw my self in danger of the issue and still was in control.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: to get Alexis Merko back , and have NVFL and the lying taken off. If one can be appealed i wish for the NVFL.

What could you have done better?:  I could of had a better understanding of how Initiation rules can be done ,  and pick better choice of words during  both situation that i was in. i also can see i could have made much wiser choice in the action i took.





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Hello @isaac lineheart,

A separate team of staff has reviewed your appeal and have come to the conclusion to deny it.

To speak to the NVFL verdict, we believe that your actions constitute a violation of Rule 3.2.  As stated in the original verdict, you were heavily outnumbered and told "Any more fucking attitude and I am wasting you," yet despite this, you chose to mouth off further.  We'd like to make it clear that this verdict stems from the lack of value for your character's life shown through your in-character attitude, not that you were lying in-character.

As for the lying in a report verdict, you clearly state in the report, "if one of my guys initiated, he initiated on his own terms and I never did."  Contrary to this claim, you can be heard in the audio clip provided saying in-character, "Hey!  If you keep fucking with that lock, we'll start shooting!"  This is a clear cut example of an initiation; it consists of clear hostile intent, a demand, and a consequence.  Given the clear contradictory nature of your comments in the report with your actions in-game, the lying in a report will also stick.

With all that being said,
Appeal denied.  Ban and points remain.
Signed by @Peril & @Derek Steel

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