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Attackers vs Defenders

Attackers or Defenders - Rules, who do they favour?  

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I do not really believe the rules favour either party... but if I had to pick I would say they favour the defenders. You can just comply and then at some point within the next two hours of your last interaction with the aggressors, gas them from 1KM away with an AWM if you have the resources.

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Some parts of the rules favor approved groups.


Some parts of the rules favor dynamics.


Most parts of the rules favor the person being initiated on when it comes to kill rights, and favors the 'victim' when it comes to consequences and permissions of allowing negative things to happen to them.


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Most of the rules are catered towards non hostile groups. If we went back towards the old rules, then that would be catered towards hostile groups. 

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I don't see how the rules favor the attackers at all.

1. Have to initiate before hostilities can be done

2. Have to ask permission to perma-scar or execute(unless previous encounters)

3. If you comply you gain kill rights and they don't, which can be used at any time within the 2 hour timer.

4. Attackers can't just attack you for no reason, they have to have an RP.

5. Attackers have to use their own supplies to keep the victim healthy and safe.

So no, the rules don't favor attackers at all.

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On 10/15/2019 at 4:57 PM, Honda said:

3. If you comply you gain kill rights and they don't, which can be used at any time within the 2 hour timer.

This. You have to use this to your advantage as the defender it's probably the most important part.

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I'd say the rules favor non-hostile groups and defenders. If you look at the attacker and defender rights, in a non-approved group all attackers NEED to initiate in order to have rights where as when an initiation happens all people on the defender side get rights once the hold up happens. @Honda lists out some nice points on why the rules don't really favor attackers that much.

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