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S1 - AvoidingRP - Skalisty Island


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Server and location: S1 Skalisty

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 16:30  i think

Your in game name: IVAN BERNARUS

Names of allies involved: none

Name of suspect/s: pretty sure it was Odezva

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 

Detailed description of the events: 

I'm running around the coast line looking for people when I spot some fires near the island, so I started swimming towards them. While getting closer they pull their guns, ask my name then immediately initiate on me and told me to leave, not even allowing me to heat up first. I didn't even had any allies in the area, they were around Berezino. I leave towards a small island and heat up there.

I believe this is counts as avoiding RP. They had around 5-6 people all next to the tents, I was all by myself and literally swam there to RP and see what's up. Instead I get a 5 seconds initiation and no RP. I would have been fine if they would have at least talked to me a bit and then decided that I needed to go. However, it seems like they didn't want any sort of external roleplay around them.

If staff doesn't consider this as AvoidingRP then this can be closed.

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Hi there. That was me who told you to turn away. We've had our reasons for that, first of all, Ive had people on the radio frequency who identified you as "One of Vladimir's people" (A valuture) and since all of the groups present at the time knew of the Vultures, were familiar with them and recognize you as a hostile group, you were told to turn away, as we had currently been under attack by hordes of infected, being manually spawned near us by Game Masters and didnt want any more enemies against us. We were also trying to execute a supply operation of getting a large amount of equipment from one shore to the other, therefore we feared you would have hostile intentions and try to steal our supplies. 

My closing statement would be. Yes, we didnt want to have nothing to do with you as we had our hands full already. Yes, we considered you an enemy and thats why youve been told to leave. And lastly, youre openly associated with a hostile group and we are not here to provide RP for you at the expense of our own safety and our own RP situations. 

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Hello, I am one of the two GMs that had been spawning in infected for a personal mini event for the people on the island, which they had agreed to us doing. 

I would like to point out that none of us had spawned anything in for over an hour when @AndreyQ approached. 
You had already turned @AndreyQ away when I logged back in and spawned in a couple more infected for you all.

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Hey, I am very much aware, thank you. I enjoyed the event quite a bit at first. But I was the one who actually lead the entire supply operation and I had no say or any knowledge of officially any event taking place. However I did enjoy it at first quite a bit. Then when the whispering started and such it got a little annoying as it was constant. But when we began unloading all the stuff at the shore and zombie hordes were coming for us, we had people of dying of freezing temperatures in the water and constant demonic whispering paralyzing or otherwise in-disposing a half of the entire party that was supposed to work on the supply operation, then it got very annoying, so having a Vulture come around was really the last thing we need or wanted and due to our situation and status at the time, we were heavily underequipped, low on HP, scattered all over the place, due to event influence, I really couldnt and didnt want to risk compromising our own safety, our own ongoing rp situations and our own loot, by providing RP to a hostile member who could rob us or kill us at any point as he wore a juggernaut suit, heavy gorka helmet and an AKM. 

Related to this situation he then used Rule Play to basically force my hand into me having to point my gun at him and tell him to leave. He used this to his advantage about an hour later to bring his friends and use defender rights to kill us. So either this is a case of Rule Play or a case of a False Report, which I want to officially file against him.

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2 minutes ago, obidan66 said:

Related to this situation he then used Rule Play to basically force my hand into me having to point my gun at him and tell him to leave.

The fuck?

Bro watch the video. I swam over and you start pointing a gun at me without me even saying a word. Like the whole situation lasted less than 10 seconds. I didn't force you to do shit.

6 minutes ago, obidan66 said:

a case of a False Report

There is no case of False Report. I believe this to count as AvoidingRP so I reported it. Like stated in the original post, if staff do not see this as AvoidingRP then the report can simply be dropped.

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I was present on the island, but I was in a concealed position. 

I understand why this was handled as it was seeing as for almost the past week we’ve been under almost daily attacks from anarchy and their allies. And usually the attacks start like this, with simply one or 2 people coming up and “looking for RP” when they’re actually scouts for the main force of attackers. (Not saying that’s what happened here, but that’s how it’s gone down in the past few days) 

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The staff team does not see this situation as avoiding roleplay, and as such will be closing the report.

However we want to warn @obidan66 and his allies that regardless of the current ongoing situation you are in, you need to take care of your hostages. Despite being told immediately to leave, @AndreyQ is still in your care and you are required to keep him in good health. By immediately turning him around and sending him away without allowing him a chance to warm up and regain health on the island, you run the risk of sending him to his death. Had he died as a result of this, you would have been found guilty under rule 4.6 of failing to provide care to your hostage.


With that said. Report closed.


Signed by: @Rover, @Fae

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