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KOS / Attempted RDM / RDM (Maybe?) - Kalisky Island

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@John Wahlberg & @Tyrag your temp bans have been revoked, please keep an eye on this report as we may require you to answer following questions.

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2 hours ago, John Wahlberg said:


I'd say it was Fae, at least by the hit logs

Pretty sure you mean @Conor. @FaeWasn't apart of this.

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5 hours ago, John Wahlberg said:

Then she stopped and aimed at me so I took the shot and hit her. Then I heard some footsteps and got sprayed from behind. 

For the record, I did not see you until after you shot at me. I aimed to shoot Peppers body once in the head as stated in my PoV immediately after which I was shot by you. I then moved out of cover to shoot at you only to witness you get gunned down.




What I still do not understand regarding this whole situation is why, after being aware a firefight has started and not wishing to be caught up in it, do @Duquesne and @Pepper continue to run around with their weapons out along with running towards a source of the gunshots (that source being Kordruga killing Kevin O Shea from 275m away).

For the longest time the advice for anybody caught in the middle of a firefight who does not wish to be involved is to put your hands up to signify you non-involvement or at the very least put your bloody gun away. Not run with your gun out on what appears to be a flanking maneuver.

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16 hours ago, Agent_Fishy said:

 I laid down on the side of the hill coming up towards the castle on the south side and shot a couple rounds.

May I ask how you gained rights to take part in the fire fight? 

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Because I recently RPed with them and I know for sure that pepper and Duquesne was up in that castle when shots broke out. 

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@Duquesne & @Pepper depart from the castle on Skalisty Island, unknowingly walking in the direction of @Kordruga& @Conor.  As they continue walking and conversing, a firefight breaks out.  The two of them attempt to find cover and put on their armbands as to not be killed before coming across Kordruga and asking who he is and if he was shooting.  Kordruga responds by turning a gun to Pepper, only to be shot down by Duquesne.  Conor then comes from the flank and kills both Duquesne and Pepper.


  • @Kordruga, as the firefight on the island breaks out, you attempt to shoot and kill @Pepper despite not having any rights on her.  This will be deemed as an Attempted Invalid Kill, due to the fact that you did not deal the killing blow and also had no rights.
  • @Conor, after hearing Kordruga's engagement with Duquesne and Pepper, you did positively identify the latter two as the people responsible for your ally's death; however, due to Kordruga's attempted kill on them being invalid, you would gain no rights to kill either of them.  This results in the following kills on Duquesne and Pepper being invalid.




@Kordruga & @Conor, when engaged in a firefight, it is paramount that you always positively identify your targets and the rights you have on them.  If you have any doubts, always initiate to be safe.  In situations like these, it may be easier to shoot first and ask questions later, but you must always be aware of kill rights and the rules surrounding them, even in the heat of a firefight.
@Duquesne & @Pepper, while we do not find your conduct in this firefight to be in violation of any rules, we would like to recommend that you put your weapons away in any future encounter like this.  Even though you are technically not active combatants in the fight, keeping your weapon drawn may give the wrong impression to those who are, leading to situations like this where you get killed invalidly.
To directly address any claims of OOC hate from both the accused and postings parties in this report: any case of OOC hate you wish to report must be done through our Support Ticket system.   You can file such a report by following this link, and the Administrator team will deal with it directly.  The Game Master team would, however, like to remind all parties involved and anyone reading along to always treat each other with respect and be cognizant of our community behavior guidelines captured under rules 1.1 and 1.2.

@Kordruga - Attempted Invalid Kill - GUILTY, 2 day ban, 5 warning points.
@Conor - Invalid Kill (firefight) x2 - GUILTY, 2 day ban, 10 warning points.

Signed by @Peril & @Rover

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