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Grenade trap in locker


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Hello! A question dawned unto my mind. If I have one of the new lockers hidden away somewhere, and I have booby trapped it with a grenade which explodes when the locker is opened, if it's not defused, will this be a rule break? And what is the case if the locker is in my base? Any difference?

@Hofer It is not. Atleast for toxic grenades. Tested it out

EDIT2: @Hofer The frag grenade is disabled, but toxic gas grenade is not. Would this still be a rulebreak if someone opens the locker and gets gassed, dying later from effects of the grenade?

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I believe this function is disabled on our servers.

@Ducky @Kerkkoh @Roland would be able to confirm.

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Correct, I believe this feature was already disabled by @Kerkkoh


IIRC the explosion from triggering a frag grenade in this manner was disabled, not sure about other grenades such as smokes/cs-gas

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To quote rule 4.6 for you @Isaiah Rinkasonn


4.10 Deployable weapons such as land mines, bear traps and similar items work in two different ways:

  1. When deployed by the base owners inside a walled off and closed base, these weapons will be treated as defensive measures and thus any kills done by them will be considered valid even without any kill rights
  2. When deployed anywhere or by anyone else they will be treated the same as any other weapon, so for example:
  • If someone gets injured or killed by your mine or trap which you placed in the middle of a town or a forest, it will be treated the same way as if you shot/killed them on sight with a gun
  • If an enemy you have valid kill rights on steps on your mine, the kill will be considered valid

So. Yes. That would be an invalid kill.

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