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Anyone want to meet up? Getting kinda lonely


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*She continues walking down the street before pressing PTT*


”It’s a bit lonely out here...anyone looking to trade or something?”

*She releases PTT*

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  • Sapphire

Dr Minx Bright was staying in a lone house as she heard the call, she was cooking couple for pigs. She just placed the stick down and reached for the radio. 


"Hey if you got chainsaws I'll trade you couple of things." She spoke as the fire from fireplace is heard from the background.


"And some water. I'll give you some food for free."

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* Going to pick the radio from his bag while having dinner for the night and pushes the PTT button* 
" I am John Northwood im kinda on my own as well. if you need someone to talk with just let me know!" 
* Takes his finger off of the radio and puts it back in his backpack*

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